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The Building of a House

Scope statement

Project justification: This project supports the cause of environment friendly buildings. In order that the building gets over in the assigned time precast members have been used in place of cast in situ members. The building is constructed in a way that maximum light can enter inside. Electricity usage is minimized by using solar energy trapped through solar panels. Insulation provided inside the building helps homeostasis of temperature during summer and winter. On the top of the building rain water collectors are provided to trap and recycle rain water. The building is east-faced.

Project product: The building includes

Landscaping: Includes garden with variety of plants, trees & some small fountains

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Driveway: To facilitate cars & 2 wheelers to easily enter & exit the house

Main building

Garage: Providing proper parking space

Project deliverables:  HVAC (Heating, ventilation & air conditioning), landscaping, interior & exterior doors, bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances, garage finishing. Usage of solar power will reduce electricity & lighting cost.

Project objectives: The objective of the project is to make a sustainable 3-floored building with extra characteristics like earthquake resistance, attractive landscaping which conforms very well with the surroundings & welcoming atmosphere for the residents & guests. At the same time it is very secure & any invasions are instantly checked & conveyed to its owner.

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Planning and development

Planning team: Civil engineer, architect, cost & accounts officer, C.A., store incharge.

Resources needed: Land, materials of building construction: cement, concrete, bricks, plaster of paris, lime, steel, plywood etc., equipments like Machinery for digging, foundation laying, batching plant for mixing and placing concrete, precast members: reinforcement steel, RCC columns, slabs, Water in large amounts for preparing mixtures, curing etc., other materials like glass, marbles, mosaic, tiles etc.,

Human resources: labour for erection, placing columns & erection commissioning, masonry, usl ,personnel for painting, woodwork, steel work, Aluminium installations etc.

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Timing( Scheduling of building project):Total duration -6 months

15 days-excavation

15 days-placing foundation with column upto plinth level

30days-Placing plinth beam with grouting etc. complete

15 days-Placing column upto roof level

30days-Placing Roof beams and slabs with grouting complete

30 days-Masonry wall with plaster complete with doors, window frames fixed

18 days- Flooring and skirting, driveway

12 days- plastering and painting ,electricity work, plumbing work complete

15 days- total finishing with drains etc.

Cost incurred (total budget-$50000)

1/10th –foundation


3/10th-Building upto roof level


1/50th – accessories like rain water collectors

1/5th- painting and finishing works      

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1/20th- driveway and side developments

1/20th- drains

Risk management:

  1. Strong and deep  foundation
  2. Materials used should be of high quality and proportions should be proper. This  ensures strength of building, longevity & any loss of life or serious injury.
  3. Curing should be properly & regularly done
  4.  Safety belts and similar protective wears should be mandatory for labourers.
  5. Building should be earthquake resistant especially if the area under construction is prone to earthquakes.

Obtaining formal approval: Sanctioning by local bodies (govt.), land has to be entitled in

the name of the house owner.

Measuring the ongoing project activities: Compensation needs to be made for work

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breakdown. This is due to causes which lead to work delay like public holiday,

machinery failure, labor injury, sudden and untimely rains.

Execution:Proper communication via phones/ intranet  between project manager,

engineers & working personnel. Tools like actual work vs plan graph, activity charts,

day to day noting of activities. Variations if noted should be immediately conveyed.

Backlog calculations are done for correction at source.

Monitoring and controlling:Machine lubrication for efficiency and longer life.

Keeping a check on labourers & minimize slackness, absence and inattentiveness.

Motivation by giving incentives like bonuses, promotions etc.

Project and contract closure.

Reasons for choosing this project

The project on building a house is interesting and quite relevant to our concerns. It is important to make a strongly built house with an aesthetic appeal. I may pursue building construction as a career as I am quite interested in building construction.

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Other reasons: The idea of environment friendly buildings is a big step in protecting our earth. These buildings use applications of energy management, scientific awareness etc along with the basic tools of civil engineering and architecture.

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