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The Leader

1. In making his decision the director must begin by identifying his problem and defining his objectives that is to get most qualified 400 students for admission. He can then decide whether to send letters to 800 students with hope that 50% will accept the offer. He may also decide to increase the capacity of the class. Based oh his decision he can then choose the number of students to give letters to and conduct a follow up.

2. Carlos should ask himself the kind of job he wants. He can then carry out a compatibility test for any advertised job to know whether it is in line with his values, principles, goals and plans. He can then proceed and carry out the profitability test of the jobs he has identified to either object or accept.

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3. Group decision making allows the pooling of resources, specialization of labor, and grater decision acceptance and skills. However, it wastes much time, encourages conflicts and results into intimidation by the leaders. Individual decision takes short time and experience no conflict but has limited skills. Group decision is best used in situations where people need to compliment one another in skills.

4. The leader should seek to develop a very strong group spirit while at the same time training the members of his group to be flexible to accept the challenges facing the group. That is, the group should embrace critical thinking concerning any outside information.

5. I agree because it is the leaders who create the primary purpose or mission of the organization and the strategy for attaining it. The manager is simply implementing the vision by taking the necessary steps.

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6. Power enables the leader’s authority to be recognized by the subjects. Power also enables them to control the rewards received by his subjects, control punishment given to the subjects, and to access valuable data or knowledge.

7. Such a manager should be made to know that leadership requires key characteristics/talents in an individual. Leaders must have a strong desire to achieve, must be honest, of high integrity, self motivated, confident, intelligent, creative and flexible.

9. Command and control approach of leadership can’t be successful in an organization dominated by teams because the teams are best lead through consensus and sharing of responsibility.

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