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“Performance = Ability x Support x Effort” Do you agree?

Job performance refers to how well an employee performs certain job tasks. It is an extremely important criterion that relates to organizational outcomes and success. Supervisors are therefore required to understand determinants of task performance. This helps in designing job related training. According to Schermerhorn (172) performance is a function of ability, effort and support. This concept is largely supported by many authors. For instance, Lawler and Maier state that the determinants of task performance as: (Performance = Ability × Effort × Suport.)

This model has received support from scholarly community. It implies that performance is a direct product of ability multiplied by effort. The multiplication sign used here indicates that all components are essential. The ability is the aptitude training and resources provided by the employers. Employers have a critical role in enhancing workers ability by availing necessary resources. Without adequate abilities, workers may not be able to meet organizational goals and objectives.

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In fact, training and support fosters most various inherent abilities and may improve a workers job performance (Schermerhorn). However, workers may have natural talent that may influence their performance. Employers’ need to discover the specific talents their employees have so as to enhance their performance and the talent to be utilized for the benefit of the organization. The workers talents should be nurtured in a conducive environment so as to reap maximum rewards from a gifted team in the organization. Workers ability is determined during job matching process especially by screening applicants against the skill requirements of the job. Effort is the motivation or desire and commitment of employees to perform.

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This is why recruitment and job matching are such critical parts of performance management. Be sure to assess ability properly during the selection process. Minor deficiencies can certainly be improved through training – however, most organizations don't have the time or resources needed to remedy significant gaps. It is true that performance of employees is determined by their ability and effort. This model has also been empirically confirmed by Anderson and Butzin, Kun, Parsons, and Ruble.

Support of workers is also a critical aspect in the organization’s endeavor to prosper. Workers should be offered both moral and material support so as to function optimally in accordance to the institutional vision. This is very crucial if the workers are going by any means to be committed to the organization and be responsible for their actions. Material support is also important for the employees to perform better.

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Therefore it is imperative to state here that performance is largely influenced by ability, support and effort and thus for any organization to boast of having an effective and a highly performing staff, then its administrators should be able to embrace the model. Similarly of much importance is to put into account the other aspects which bring about optimum results of the three key pillars in the performance like motivation, the nurture of talents, and the clear guidelines which define the organization’s vision and mission towards achieving prosperity.

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