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Staffing is the process in an organization that ensures that the organization has competent employees to work for the organization. Staffing is the employment of people who have been examined and found fit to work for an organization taking into consideration some requirements. According to Irwin Speizer (2011), as the times keep on changing, it is necessitating organizations to employ more staffing skills. Staff retention is the process of ensuring that an organization is able to keep its employees. Normally, getting the right employee to work for an organization can be a hard task. After getting a right candidate and employing him/her he gets work experiences and is able to do his job with a lot of expertise. The organization may also invest in him/ her by taking him/ her into learning sessions and workshops so as to upgrade his/ her skills. According to People Development Partnership LLC (n.d.) it is for this reason the organization must strive to retain their employees since they are the ones who drive the organization.

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Heathfield (2011) argues that recruitment is the identification of candidates for a job, looking at their credentials then selecting the ones that are best qualified for the job. Therefore recruitment encompasses all areas in staffing. Recruitment and selection go hand in hand.   Venance (2011) describes selection is the process of identifying the right candidate for a job from a number of candidates who have applied for job. Selection takes into consideration many aspects of the potential employee and then summation of the total points that an employee has scored are tallied and the best one gets the job. Selection takes into consideration that lot candidates have applied for a position and the number of employees needed is far much below that number hence they must be sorted out so as to remain with the best employees.  Google is one of the best employers in today’s job market. Staffing, recruitment and selection are done with a lot of expertise in the organization. The aim of this case analysis is to give a detailed insight into the recruitment process at Google. The essay is a case analysis of the process at Google.

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The World’s First Recruiting Culture

According to the article, Google has the one of the best recruitment culture in the world. They also have good working conditions. This has caused the organization to be the desired work place for many employees.  People Development Planners LLC (n.d.) goes further to say that a good working environment which enjoys a good relationship among the employee in different levels is a vital tool in retaining employees. Google organization has a recruitment process which involves all the departments in it. This ensures that the candidate who passes the process is acceptable throughout the organization hence reducing chances of bad employee relationships in the organization. The strength of the culture is that the organization is able to gat employees who are acceptable in the whole organization hence fostering the integration and relationship of employees , Zonk (2006)

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Working 20% Time

According to Smith (n.d) retention of efficient and productive workers ensures that an organization develops and manages to stay afloat in tough times which require skilled employees. In order to retain its employees and remain the most attractive employer in the world, Google has adopted the 20% policy. The article says that an employee is allowed some time per week to work on individual projects. The projects are usually funded by Google and they enable the employee to nurture his/her interests hence creating a sense of attachment to the organization resulting to him/ her opting to remain in the organization. In doing so, Google makes sure that the jobs they offer in themselves become an attraction to potential employees. Normally, people would want to work in organizations which enable them to develop their interests hence many people desire working at Google. Innovation and creativity of the workers is developed at a high scale which translates to the innovation and creativity of Google products. The strength of this is that the organization benefits directly from the creativity and innovation of its employees. The weakness of the approach is that an employee may choose to sell his/ her project to a rival company hence putting Google at a disadvantage since it paid for the project, Zonk (2006)

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The World’s Largest Recruiting Budget

In any organization, a budget is budget allocation is set aside for the recruitment process. The funds are used for all the expenses that are incurred during the process. Different recruitment process requires different amounts of funds. This is due to the fact that specific requirements are needed to cater for a specific process. A good recruitment budget takes into consideration every department of an organization that an employee will work with and includes the departments in the recruitment process. For this reason, an all inclusive recruitment budget is deemed to be a big. According to the case analysis, Google organization has the biggest recruitment in the world. The case study says that Google has a recruiting ratio of 14: 1 which means one recruiter for every 14 employees. This is the highest ratio in the human resource. This ratio requires a big budget to run and maintain, thereby making Google to be the highest spender in recruitment process. The large budget which Google use has a major strength which is that Google is able to evade future costs of replacements and employee in competence since the recruitment process supported by the budget ensures that the right candidate gets the employment. The weakness of the big budget is that the money would go to waste if Google had incompetent recruiters who do not take care of the minor details that Google wants to scrutinize.

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The Benefits Are Breath Taking

A big recruitment budget which is used well certainly gives a good outcome. It ensures a thorough process which automatically leads to the realization of the aims of any recruitment process. Google has reaped a lot of benefits from its big recruitment budget.  Big jobs in big organizations are due to attract many candidates for selection. Because of this, an organization must be able to device a way in their recruitment process which ensures that it is able to select candidates who are attracted by the job rather than the benefits. Google has been able to get skilled employees who are into a job to do their best in their work rather than people who are into the job for just the benefits that are associated with the job because of their investment in the recruitment process. According to Bcjobs .ca (n.d.), spending in the recruitment can at times save an organization from spending later when an employee underperforms.

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Recruiting Structure

A good recruitment structure should be able to cater for any eventuality in an organization. It should be able to handle unforeseen numbers of people and also be able to handle different levels of employment. For instance a good recruitment structure should be able to deal with a recruitment of grounds men and at the same time be able to deal with the recruitment of a manger. In the same structure, a high turnout of employees should be handled without unduly easiness. Google has a recruitment structure which has a capability of dealing with twice the number of employees that the organization has as per now.  Due to the organization’s growth and expansion plans, a structure which is able to cope with its development pace is needed and for now Google boosts of having such a structure. The strength of the structure is that it offers an all inclusive platform for all recruitment in the organization. It also takes care of future expansions, Zonk (2006)

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Standard Recruiting Tools and Wow Recruiting Tools

There exist different recruitment tools in human resource.  Staffing and recruiting essential .com (2011) says that a recruitment tool is chosen for only a specific intention, most likely on the outcome of the recruitment.  Google employs many recruitment tools available in the recruitment world. According to the case study, Google uses employee referral, college requirement, professional networking and recruiter and training as its standard recruiting tools.  Google’s strong brand forms the basis of it’s employee referral program. Employees who are already working with Google are given the chance to refer some potential employees to the organization on the basis that they are likely to refer enthusiastic employees just like themselves.  College requirement is an essential tool used by many employers. It ensures that organizations get a chance to find employees who have the skills to work in their specific fields. Professional networking is a tool which gives employers the chance to get professional who have their links with the network. Recruiter training tool is used to ensure that an employee gets accustomed to the organization and gets full knowledge of the skill required in the organization .Many organizations employ different recruitment tools in addition to the standard recruitment tools. This is aimed at ensuring that the recruitment process covers the areas that affect the organization directly. Google has its set of special tools known as ‘wow’ recruitment tools. Goggle uses ad words, contests, brain teasers and friends of Google.

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Weaknesses in the Google Approach

Recruitment processes have various weaknesses attached to them. This is determined by the approaches and tools used in the recruitment process.  As it is with other recruitment processes, that one of Google has some weaknesses associated with it. Metrics is one of the weaknesses. The organization has not updated its metrics, for instance it is not able to track the performance of new employees. The recruiting at Google is a slow process. Due to the many areas of coverage of the process, it is certainly deemed to be slow. Google emphasizes more on the employment of young people. This puts it at a disadvantage as it is likely to turn off skilled and experienced senior people. Google does not have permanent recruiters hence many temptations are present at the recruitment process hence putting the organization at a risk of getting the wrong employees.











Employee Benefits at Google

The following section answers the two questions in the case study.  The features of attraction and retention of staff strategies at Google are that the organization gives employees a chance to work on their individual projects and goes ahead to fund them.  The time allocation for individual research projects is 20% of the total working time. According to Sebastian (2010), this enables the employees to become innovative and it also encourages creativity which in the end benefits the organization since the skills are applied in it. In addition to this, Google offers their employees special benefits. According to the case study, the benefits include; flexible working hours, casual dressing is allowed, employees are allowed to bring their pets, medical care is available at the organization, free massage and yoga, free drinks and snacks, free meals, three weeks vacation during the first year, free recreation at the organization, valet parking for employees, onsite car wash and detailing, a maternity and paternity leave , employee referral bonus program, near site childcare center, backup childcare, fuel efficiency vehicle incentive program, onsite dry cleaning and  an onsite gym. The benefits stated above make Google to have a high employee retention capacity and also make it to be an attractive employer. The ageing workforce has no future at Google. Google emphasizes on employing young people who have a large base of technical knowhow of the technological field of specialization that Google deals with. However Google wants to retain the employees which it has acquired over time due to their experience and skills. Because of this, it has the best incentives to retain them.

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Recommendations and Conclusion

It is recommended that Google keeps up with the trend it has taken on recruitment as sit is one of the leading organizations in the world. However, there are some shortfalls of its programs which have been discussed earlier in this report. Google should devise ways of countering the weaknesses that affect its recruitment process so as to ensure that it stays at the top.  In conclusion, Google offers the best example of an efficient recruitment process. According to the current rating of organizations in the world, Google appears among the top organizations. It’s all inclusive recruitment process is a master model which should be adopted by various organizations. Although the process is an expensive one, judging by the performance of Google, it is surely worth the cost.

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