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Decision in Paradise


(LPS) is a company established in Kava Island with the aim of establishing integrated services that will assist real estate and mortgage firms develop an efficient land structure to assist families in the island secure permanent structures. The company is currently facing issues like diverse ideas and attitudes among the employees, competition and the location. To make a better presence in the island, the team came up with clear solutions for the above issues. To ensure successful implementation of the proposed solution, the team identified the factors likely to affect the implementation process, the resources needed for the implementation, the necessary course of action and lastly, evaluating the ethical implications of the proposed solutions to all the stakeholders of the company (Thompson, 2006).

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Factors that affect implementation process

There are a number of factors likely to have an effect on the implementation process. One of the major factors and the main concern is the diversity in ideologies and attitudes. The team agreed on adopting brainstorming as the major way of decision-making. This method would enable members of the team to communicate their divergent views prevalent in a team set up. However, this method is likely to widen disorganization in the team. This is because; the team has to take into account the different views of different members of the group, which could be so different from others. Members may find it hard to accept other people’s views making it hard to come to an agreement.

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The other factor likely to affect the implementation of the proposed solutions is time. Brainstorming as a method of decision making requires so much time to come to an agreement, this is because; every person has a right to give their proposed to the problem at hand. In the process, so much time is spent in every person giving their proposed solutions. Consequently, more time is used to come to agreements after every person has presented their arguments. Incorporating all the propositions in the final solutions could also prove to be problematic, as each person wants their propositions to be included in the agreement. 

Another factor that would affect the implementation of the proposed solutions is resources. Lender Processing Services, Inc (LPS) is being established in an isolated and dangerous locality, and more resources would be needed to market it. This will require more resources from the indigenous community. The team, therefore, has to ensure that they keep the interest of the community first to be able to get additional resources. Ensuring the all the resources needed are available is a big challenge for the team. This will definitely affect the implementation of the proposed solutions.

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The other challenge likely to affect the implementation of the proposed solutions is increased competitions. In the face of increased competition, it will be necessary for the team to work together to be able to come up with creative and innovative strategies, which will require a lot of time. The problem with this is that, the already established markets already have benefits of working together as a team and have in their possession the innovative marketing strategies. For Lender Processing Services, Inc (LPS) to be at par with the competitors will take time and this will affect the implementation of the proposed solutions (, 2008).

Evaluating resources

To be able to implement the proposed solutions effectively, it is paramount to evaluate the resources needed and available for the implementation. In addition, evaluation of the course of actions to be undertaken will also be necessary. The team came to an agreement that the use of brainstorming is the best way of dealing with the divergent views of the team members. To make communication efficient, training of the team members will be indispensable. Training will help team members communicate effectively, respect each other, and understand brainstorming process as a way of decision-making. One of the resources needed, therefore, is people to train the team members.

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The other crucial resources in implementing the proposed solution will be time. Brainstorming as a method of decision-making requires so much time to accommodate very person’s views and attitudes (Golembiewski, 1995). Training employees will also require more time. For this reason, time management will be very crucial. To beat the competition in the market, innovative and creative marketing strategies will be essential. This will also require a substantial amount of time, since this is a lengthy process.

The other crucial resource is money. The implementation of the proposed solutions will require a lot of training of employees. This will require a substantial amount of money and other recourses like personnel. However, these costs will be recovered after some time with increased revenues.

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Course of action

The first course of action is providing training to employees. The next action will be to appoint one of the team members to conduct an independent research on the market in the island of Kava. The person will also conduct a research on the global market and the state of the competitors in the island. This will be helpful in developing marketing strategies. In additions, the research will also include the needs of the residents of the island, so that the company will provide their services as per these needs.

The other course of action necessary in the implementation process is continuous evaluation. Weekly meetings will be held to analyze the implementation process. Data collected during the week will be scrutinized and contributions from members on how to improve the organizational environment received. Moreover, corrective actions will be undertaken in an attempt to avoid mistakes undertaken in the past. This will ensure that the implementation process runs smoothly.

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In the establishment of this company, the main stakeholders are employees of the company, stockholders, and the inhabitants of the island. The two stand to gain massively if the proposed solutions are implemented successfully. In the face of the proposed solutions, there is no compromise to the ethical principles of all the stakeholders. Use of brainstorming will be helpful in accommodating the different views of the employees, which will be used as a means of competitive advantage against other companies. The method will provide a variety of solutions from different perspectives, and this will help in providing the best solutions for the company. Initially, the stockholders may feel that the proposed solutions are more costly due to the need for further training, which will require more resources. However, after a period, the results of the training will be visible and revenues will increase significantly. The morale of the employees and the stakeholders will consequently rise.

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Conclusively, Lender Processing Services, Inc (LPS) has a great potential of achieving great success if the proposed solutions are implemented. Training the staff will ensure that they incorporate principles of brainstorming and team building and they will feel as part of the organization as their views will be considered. The proposed solutions will also be helpful in developing new marketing strategies that will sell the company both locally and globally. In addition, the innovative ideas from the proposed solutions will enable the company to extend its work to all the residents of the island. The result of the proposed solutions will translate into better earnings over a period of time.

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