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Diversity in the Workplace

The workplace diversity assists in building the relationship of the organization with the surrounding environment. The major benefits received from the workplace diversity are improved contributions made by the employees towards the achievement of the organizations objectives, experiencing high quality of its programs, and well managed goods and services. The workplace diversity incorporates the aspects found in the human resource management department like planning, selection, training employees etc. The major challenges of managing workplace diversity for the human resource management are to work hard towards satisfying the needs, and the requirements of every aspect in the organization(Konrad & Pringle, 2006). The organization must incur some extra costs to cater for, diverse working conditions due to improvement in various departments like improved services to customers, improved management practices etc. the organization should allow for flexibility especially in the working conditions to ensure that the employees are working at their level best and taking their responsibilities.

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Let us focus on American Enterprise Institute, which is established to preserve, strengthen the background of the government freedom, private sectors, people’s culture, other political bodies and other international policies. Some of the most important areas that AEI human resource management needs to address include the planning(Lockwood, 2007). To ensure that the workplace diversity is effective in such an institution a well-established plan should be put in place. This would involve considering what the institution need to achieve, development and implementation, clearly setting the organizations objectives, consulting where necessary, and availing all the resources needed. Another area that needs to be addressed is coordinating the roles and responsibilities of workplace diversity.

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This is whereby the human resource management would determine how diversity would assist the performance of the institution, keep rewarding the outcome of diversity for both the institution and the staff. It is also important for the human resource management to acknowledge the employees about the workplace diversity issues. The workplace diversity programs should be thoroughly checked by the human resources department of American enterprise institute. For instance, the way AEI conducts its hiring process requires some improvement as they apply much discrimination(Stockdale, 2004). This act ends up employing people who are not equal to the challenge, hence reducing the effectiveness of the services offered to the public. The training done to the new employees should be equal to the ones done by the private sectors. The training should be thorough to ensure that the employees are equipped fully with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle their new challenges. To most of the public institutions, some factors like recruiting, training, and hiring leave much to be admired.

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There are several opportunities related to American Enterprise Institute in handling issues related to the workplace diversity. For instance, when conducting hiring this public institution has enough resources to utilize, to get the required and qualified staff. Such an institution can use various media of advertisement, to pass on the message to the public in efforts of getting the right people for a specific job(Mor, 2010). This act may be challenged by the temptation of discrimination that arises in trying to favor close friends and relatives. When conducting training for the new employees, there is an open opportunity for availability of the required resources and equipments to train their employees. The only challenge that may face this act is lack of taking full responsibilities by the civil servants. They always think that, their personal responsibilities should always be shared, and hence they take their duties in a shallow manner.

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In conclusion, workplace diversity has resulted to much improvement in various organizations. A well-established human resource management makes the best out of this diversity by providing the necessary resources to make it more effective.

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