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“Leadership is essential in all management situations”. Do you agree with this statement?

I highly agree with this statement and believe that it is very true, as it is noted that good leadership is the most important effect that will help in the effective management of a company thus it is an effective quality that helps a manager to conduct his/her duties more effectively. In addition, it ensures that the company is able to succeed in its activities, as the employees and the customers will receive the most effective services (Ambler, par 4).

Do good leaders make good managers?

Different scholars have raised different sentiments on the roles, qualities and duties of a leader and a manager, and it has emerged that the qualities and duties of these individuals are differing and thus making it difficult to know if a good leader can be able to make the best managers. According to my own evaluation after thorough research and reading from different scholarly articles, good leader can emerge as a good manager; this is what I am going demonstrate in this section on the paper on why a good leader can make a good manager (Ambler, par 7).

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The main factor that proofs a good leader is a good manager is because a leader poses certain qualities that if well implemented will result to a good leadership in a company. The most significant quality of a leader is individual consideration; this quality of leadership has made it more effective for a leader to manage a good management role in a company. This is when the leader will assume the leading role in a company by giving the fellow employees the personal attention, respect and giving each and every one role and responsibilities in the company (Al-Ubaydli, par 5). This will effectively make the employees to feel respected and appreciated in the organization and thus improving their productivity and opportunity in the organization thus ensuring that the company improves in its productivity.

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The other important quality is charisma; this is where the leader engages the employees in developing the vision and mission of the organization this inclusion will ensure that the employees are in a position of benefiting from what the company wasn’t benefiting from before as this will ensure that the employees are involved to contribute in the structuring of the company’s activities thus influencing the way it operates (Al-Ubaydli, par 3).

The other sticking quality is inspirational quality; this is where the leaders will play a very significant role in ensuring that the leader is a good manager the inspirational role will ensure that the leader  will model the behaviours of the employees and using the best examples that will ensure that the employees imitate their actions (Ambler, par 3).

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Select a leader you consider great. Are there are traits, behaviors or characteristics that make the selected leader great?

The one leader that I consider great is King Martin Luther Jr. he was the black leader who led the civil rights movement in the United States of America and thus ensuring that the blacks were accorded with the kind of respect that they deserved. He possessed certain qualities that were significant thus making his movement to yield some fruits that were of the afro American liberation (Al-Ubaydli, par 4).

The qualities that he posed included charisma. Martin Luther king jr. was a charismatic leader in that he was very eloquent in his speeches and he would use the speeches that would be very interesting and appealing to the listeners thus ensuring that his ideas were adopted by the people.

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The other quality he possessed was intellectual stimulation this is when he introduced new ideas and challenges that the followers weren’t having such as demonstrations and other unique actions such as raising petitions and other actions and he would also joining hands and leading them in these actions. Thus showing that he was interested in what he was doing thus introducing thus resulting to the success of the movement (Ambler, par 6).

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