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You’re speech was very astounding that I couldn’t help but recall every detail that you have mentioned. It was like the Gospel, the good news that each one should instill in their minds. Yes, you’re right; life is too short so we must enjoy this borrowed life of whom God has unselfishly bestowed upon us so we must enjoy life to the fullest with no remorse. It is indeed a fact that love is the main foundation in the family to keep the fire burning to give us light and follow the right direction to a successful life. I am also in adherence to the idea that we should think first before initiating the right decision because this is most crucial part when we make the wrong judgment. I believe that evil is just one step apart that could lead to our downfall so we must be strong and firm to our decision making.

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During our church forum, I couldn’t help but share to my friends what you have discussed in your speech because it was so heart-warming and very encouraging not only to the old folks but also to the youth who are the future of tomorrow’s next generation. I was very glad that my family was there during your sermon so I don’t have to convince them. They were all amenable to what you have said that when we reached home, we hugged in group and prayed thanking God for all the Blessings he had showered upon us and asked Him again and again for His continuing guidance in our endeavors to live a better life with Him in our midst. When you make the right decision, success will continuously keep pouring into your life. If we commit mistake, we should ask God’s forgiveness through our confessions and do what is right once again. Temptations are just right behind the corner ready to devour those who are weak so we must take heed at all times.

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I adhere to what you said that we should not let our failures defeat us but rather make it as only one of our trials in life and that we must face it bravely and face reality. It is a challenge for us to strive more and once again ask God for His constant guidance. I am just so happy that my friends were there to share my joys and sorrows and my family were very supportive I could not imagine my life without them. I will be more than willing to share your views to our young friends for our fellowship this summer. My younger brother and sister will be joining in the retreat to be conducted by all the churches with their joint effort to eradicate drug abuse and preach the gospel for constant guidance to our youth who were the open prey to vices hence it is our duty and obligation to guide them and bring them back to the right path. These are some of the outcome of what modern technology had done to the youth so it our role to give them proper guidance. I have a part in the program to be conducted and your speech will be my inspiration when I deliver my speech as well. Once again, thank you for your enlightenment and we hope to hear from you again. God Bless you!

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Thank you and my regards to the whole family.

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