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Spiritual Reflections

In my life I have on several occasion reflect on my spiritual physical and mental life and the spiritual aspect of life has been fascinating forcing me to give it a deeper thought. The urge to examine and reflect on my spiritual life eventually led me to understand my spiritual development in my well being.

Religion is a very sacred topic to be covered and very complex to understand in life. I have come to understand that there are various religions in the world with different doctrines and beliefs, but all have one common denominator that there is Supreme being who controls the universe. The lesson I have covered in this topic have also helped me to understand the aspect of spirituality and its impact in my daily life and development, hence I can strongly say that My faith is kept strong by remembrance of Jesus, remembrance of his death to save us and the day of judgment before his thrown where I will account for my actions. My belief is in a divine creator, He is the creator of mankind the seas and the oceans and the universe and he is unseen Creator. Spirituality is important for the health and the wellbeing of every people on the earth, and every person has the right to acknowledge this fact. I believe that every person has the right to think in his/her own ways about spirituality as it is an individual thing.

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At my early age the bible was a source of some of interesting stories which I call super heroes where unbelievable events took place. It was difficult for me to understand or believe the stories and events recorded in the bible. The story of John who was swallowed by whale in sea and l survive in the whales stomach was fascinating to me and unbelievable. Scientifically it is hard to survive in an atmosphere that has no oxygen for more than twenty four hours but John did. My thoughts on a Devine power were more complicated as I grew up. I did not know exactly who was the custodian of our lives and where do the dead go; questions like if there is God and where does he live troubled me and complicated matters for me but then I realized I was confusing myself the more that without a Devine power where does my spirituality come from and who holds it.

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All these burning questions have shaped my spirituality and now I believe in things I did not believe before. I believe that there is God the Supreme Being who controls the universe the earth and the seas. With the answer on the existence of the existence of the Supreme Bing were being answered gradually I chose Christianity as my faith and true religion that is based on the creator of the universe. In Christianity, I do believe in not only the existence of a Supreme Being; but also in Jesus the son of the living God the creator of the universe.

From what I have been tough I have the understanding that Spirituality is something that grows gradually and I will incorporate new ideas that stick to Christian beliefs to strengthen my spirituality. With strong knowledge and foundation of Christian beliefs I am confident in maintain my spirituality in Christian faith. It was proven without reasonable doubt that Jesus of Nazareth born to a virgin was send to the world to save mankind from sin and to have eternal life. It is important to depict that the course helped to reaffirm my belief in Christianity and the existence of life after death through the son of God Jesus. In addition the Christian History has some significant persons who relays to my real life situation. The story of David who fought Goliath with the use of a sling present that, not only the size of the body that matters in war or in any undertaking but the power of God and determination makes the case for success. I match this story in my life as I was the smallest person in our school Cricket team but I was the best batsman in the team.

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Now I can be described as a full Christian who believes in the existence of God. I believe God is the creator of the mankind, universe, the oceans and the seas. He controls everything in it. My experiences in the world as I grow up and the teaching have received in this course has enable me to understand that there is existence of Supernatural ruler who oversees all that is in the universe. I strongly believe in God’s existence.

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