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Crucifixion of Jesus


The crucifixion of Christ is witnessed and documented in the four gospels books which includes Mark 15:22-32; Matthew 27:33-44; John 19:17-30; Luke 23:33-43.

Crucifixion is the practice where a person is bound to a cross. This approach or process was at first used by the Persians and thereafter it was used by Egyptians, Romans and Carthaginians, as a means of capital retribution. It was initiated by Alexander the Great in the Mediterranean region and the Romans started it as a form of capital retribution.

The chief priest in Jewish and elders of Sanhedrin charged Jesus of wickedness, and they came up with a judgment of putting him to death. Although first they required Rome to back up of their death punishment, thus Jesus was taken to Pilate, the Roman ruler in Judea. Even though Pilate found him blameless, he was not capable in finding a reason to attack Jesus; he had apprehension and therefore asked the crowds to decide Jesus' providence. Stimulated by the Jewish high priests, the multitude affirmed, "Crucify him!" (Zugibe, 2005)

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As was usual, Jesus was openly afflicted, or beaten, with a leather-thonged beat facing his crucifixion. Small pieces of iron and bone fragments were joined at the ends of each leather thong, leading to deep cuttings and throbbing bruising. He was ridiculed, hit in the head with a force and emit on. A thorny crown of thorns was positioned on his head and he was undressed naked. Too feeble to bear his cross, and Simon of Cyrene was enforced to take it for him.

He was guided to Golgotha where he was crucified. As was the practice or custom, before nailing him to the stake, a blend of vinegar, and myrrh gall, was presented. This gulp was said to reduce some of the anguish, but Jesus did not take the drink. Stake-like spikes were driven throughout his and ankle and wrists binding him to the stake where he was crucified among two condemned criminals. (Phelan, 2009)

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The message above his head vividly read, "The ruler of the Jews." On the stake Jesus crucified for his last intolerable breaths, a duration that took about six hours. During that period, defense force emitted a lots for Jesus' garments, while people conceded by shouting abuses and mocking him. From the cross, Jesus talked to his mother Mary and the follower John. He also lamented out to his father, "My Lord, my Lord, why have you abandoned me?"

Immediately, darkness enclosed the land. Soon after, as Jesus lost his strength, a trembling shook the earth, breaking the Temple curtain in two. Matthew's Gospel accounts, "The earth trembled and the rocks cracked. The grave opened and the body of several blameless people who had passed away and immediately the curtain of the temple torn in two. The Roman centurion who witnessed the crucifixion affirmed that Jesus was, surely, the Son of God. Many of the women disciples of Jesus witnessed his crucifixion, observing at a distance. Among them was Mary, the mother of James and Mary Magdalene, (Mark 15:21-41)

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It was the previous day after the Sabbath; Joseph of Arimathea a one of the council members (Sanhedrin) asked Jesus’ body from pirate for burial. The Roman ruler, after confirming that Jesus certainly was already has passed away, approved him to bury Jesus. Joseph covered Jesus' body in linen cloths and then positioned him in a tomb engrave out of rock. Then he placed the stone over the entry of the grave.

It was distinctive at crucifixions for Roman armed force to express mercy by flouting the offender’s legs, consequently accelerating death to come faster. Nevertheless during this night only the robbers had their legs broken down, for when the armed forces came to Jesus, they found he had already passed away. Instead, they stabbed his side and his blood dropped in the eye of one solder that could not see and he was able to see. Before sundown, Joseph of Arimathea took Jesus and laid him in the tomb according to Jewish custom. (Sloyan, 1995)

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At early Sunday morning, the two Mary’s and Salome went to see Jesus body at the tomb to smear his body with spices and good oil. But when they arrived at the grave they noticed that the stone had been removed away. But they saw a young man clothed in white in the grave. He informed them Jesus had ascended from the dead and asked the women to inform Jesus’ followers that he will assemble with them in Galilee. The women went away from the grave, with terror without telling anyone what had taken place. (Mark 16:1-8)

The Physical features of affliction in the crucifixion:

Jesus anguish started in Gethsemane with the agitated of blood or the Hematidrosis the term given to the uncommon incidence of tiny blood vessels in the sweat glands that split causing discharge of blood to take place through the skin."And being in anguish He was praying very zealously; and his sweat were becoming like plunge of blood, dropping down upon the earth," (Luke 22:44).

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Next, Jesus was detained in the Gethsemane garden at night.  He was brought before the high priests and there hit by a soldier when Jesus asked questions to the Sanhedrin."And when He had said this, one of the soldiers standing by hit Jesus a blow, answering, "Is that the way you are respond the chief priest?" Jesus replied, "If I have said incorrectly, bear witness of the incorrect; but if correctly, why do you hit me?" (John 18:22-23).

They then blindfolded Jesus and hit in the face severally.  Blindfolding Jesus meant that he couldn't "turn over with the blows" and the punches would more destructive and painful. The Bible accounts that a Jesus was beaten so roughly and he could be hardly been noticed.

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"And some began to spew out at him, and to blindfolding him, and to beating him with their fists, telling him, "predict!" And the soldiers received him with spank in the face," (Mark 14:65).

". . . So His look was flawed more than any person, and his appearance was more than the sons of men," (Isaiah 52:14).

"I gave my back for them to hit me, and my cheeks to those who fortitude out the beard; I did not wrap my face from disgrace and spitting," (Isaiah 50:6).

Next, Jesus was exposed of naked and then afflicted.  In scourging, officer used a beat called a flagrum made of leather fastening embedded with a glass and metal fragments with tiny metal balls sown at the end of each thong.  This whip was enforced down with a lot of  force and when hit against the back of Jesus, was dragged thus removing the skin off, divulging muscle, and perhaps even showing his very bones.  Certainly, his back was abridged to an oozing of blood and mass of injured flesh.  Afflicting stopped when it is resolute that the sufferer is near to pass away or 39 lashes were attained.  39 was the digit of mercy as indicated by to Jewish decree. At this point, Jesus was in great agony, suffering harsh blood ooze, and was becoming very feeble and dehydrated. Afterwards he was taken to be crucified. (Covert, 2011)

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They then exposed him, put a crimson robe on him and positioned a crown of prickle on his head.  The robe would fasten to the thicken blood on his back and when they teared it from him later on, it was  very painful and  accelerated  the bleeding  more and more.  They placed coronet of thorns on his head.  These thorns were pushed between his skull and scalp as well as tearing and splitting at the skin.  Severe flow of blood would proceed along with immense pain.

"And after entwining a crown of prickles, they positioned it on his head, and a reed in His exactly on his hand; and they kneeled down before him and ridiculed him, saying, "Summon, ruler of the Jews!" (Matt. 27:29).

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Jesus was guided to the cross and at last, He was nailed to a stroke.  Usually a person was laid down upon the stake and spikes driven into the wrist.  Then the other hand was dragged very firmly and the other nail pulled into the other wrist.  The nails were about 6-8 inches long.  Insertion of the nail in the wrist hurts the nerve ensuing in a burning agony as well as paralysis in the hands.

Once Jesus was picked up to the cross, His feet were pinned to it.  But, ease this His knees were twisted and the feet were raised up a bit to a permit them to recline flat against the cross so they can be nailed to it well. Once perched, the strength of gravity brings the mass of the body down and the elbows and shoulders displace by explode out of joint, splitting ligaments. Because of the extended situation of the arms, the chest hollow is in a continuously prolonged state and it is very hard to breathe. (Richter, 2008)











As I read this description, I am incapacitated by the magnitude of His sacrifice and very grateful that He loves us sufficient to die for us.  He ought to have all the glory. Jesus was crucified on the cross in order to save us from our transgression because we no longer need animal sacrifice to cleanse our sins. So, Jesus determination to human beings for He says "no one receives my life from me but I put down it on my own will and harmony". This is because of Jesus love He bestows on us it made him to position his life on the stake of Calvary so that we will inherit the kingdom of God and have eternal salvation forever and ever.

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