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Christian Religious Archetypes in Romeo and Juliet

When watching the movie, a controversial feeling emerges because of drastic contrast between the form and the content. The elevated Shakespearean language is contrasted with the dirt and corrupted morals of the modernity. Symbolism looks like a bridge between the past and the present and integrates the movie into one whole. Christian archetypes, such as a cross, are used in the movie abundantly. Such a frequent and extensive use of religious symbolism creates an impression of grotesque and carnival, a mixture of satire and tragedy.

From the very beginning, viewers can easily notice a great number of Christian symbols that are often used in controversial contexts. Thus, although most characters belong to mafia clans, they wear or place in their interiors things that are related to religion. For instance, during a fight between the two gangs, one of the characters, Abra, wears a cross and an image of Jesus on his shirt. At the same time, he is represented as one of the most ruthless heroes, he is definitely a villain. In case with negative characters, Christian archetypes are used for the sake of contrast between the philosophy and the actions. Definitely, there is an analogy with the contemporary mafia who combined the religious cult with cruelty.

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Positive characters like Romeo are also placed among the religious archetypes. For instance, when he goes to the carnival, he needs to cross an alley of neon crosses, which looks like a farce. In the same way, his parents have a crucifix in their posh car. The use of such symbols is needed to reveal the idea that the good and the evil are not only mixed in the world but also that the evil abuses the sacred symbols for its own benefit. The whole movie demonstrates that, in a carnival of symbols, true feelings are lost, and true faith is forged.

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