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The Concept of Religion

There are many definitions that have been brought forward on the word religion. Among the definitions given are belief in a supernatural being or power usually believed to be the creator of the world and all that is in it, a person’s belief in life and supernatural beings, a set of values set by one so that he/she follows them. It is also defined as prayer or any other form in which one can use in communicate with a supernatural being and a group of people who come together to worship and are bonded by the same vice.

There are many classifications of religion in the world. The religions that are classified include; revealed religion, Prophetic religions, spiritual religion, nature religions, salvation religion, sacramental religion Indian religion, Muslim religion, Christian religion and tribal religion.

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The prophetic religion follows what the prophets teach and those who believe in this religion see the prophets as the supernatural being and that are given the role of guiding the believers (Leclerc, Pg 37). This religion is closely linked with the revealed religion in which its followers are guided by revelations that are given by gods in forms that can only be understood by prophets only. These revelations are then translated to the other people in terms that they understand.

Tribal religions differ according to the tribe. It is basically formed on basic believes of the tribe handed down by ancestors and go from one generation to the other. Salvation religion on the other hand, is the same as Christian religion and believes in the existence of a supernatural being called God who they believe is the creator of the universe. They put great emphasis on salvation and the believers are expected to avoid committing sin. The use a book called The Holy Bible as their guide (Pannenberg, Pg 130).

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Mystical religion is one which people are obsessed with trying to find out more about things like nature and learn more about how natural things operate. This people end up becoming religiously involved in this research as they strive to understand them. This mostly occurs when a person wants to find out more about something or when he/she wants to create something. A good example is the scientists who are trying very hard to understand how the universe and man were created. This religion has come up with a lot of theories to explain their beliefs. It is a religion where they try to understand the mystery behind the existence of things.

Sacramental religion is the religion where oaths are taken and one swears to total secrecy and stays with the religion for the rest of their life. The oath is usually administered on a new recruit before he/she is allowed to join the religion. Once the person takes the oath then he/she is seen as a member and is slowly taught the rules and everything else that has to do with the religion (Leclerc, Pg 30).This is usually the case in cults, illegal groups and soldiers. Once you have been fully recruited you are expected to follow its rules and regulations and keep the activities that go on in the religion as top secret. Breaking of the rules has severe consequences.

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Muslim religion is a religion that believes in the existence of a supreme being they call Allah. They also believe in prophets like Prophet Mohammed. They are guided in their religion by the Holy Book the Quran. Religion is a very important aspect in the lives of people. It plays a huge role in their lives. It is the one thing that gives direction to the day to day behavior of an individual; it guides one and dictates the moral standing of a person.

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