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The Mantra: In God We Trust

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is particularly intriguing how often we have handled the American currency in our lifetimes. However, have you scrutinized among others the inscribed mantra: In God We Trust? Hey! Do not start searching into your pockets now. You never know the devils incarnation amidst us. You could lead him into the vault containing your pennies. Do not! Tonight let us have an expository view on this mantra, not only inscribed in our American currency but also in the national anthem and affirmed as the official national motto. It affects us all in all dimensions as American citizens. The mantra is a mere acknowledgement to God as the sole protector akin defender.

Surprisingly, the American constitution prohibits the creation or favoritism on any religion. So how did this slogan find its way into such limelight? To start with, this mantra is an allusion to an assortment of biblical references. Therefore, it appears to allude more to Christian religion. Please bear in mind that I am not agitating you to mount a revolution. The history of the inscription of this mantra into the currency dates back to 1861. Sounds like a history class, huh! The then treasury secretary recommended the engraving of this mantra in the coins to signify the American people reverence to God as their Supreme Being and defender. This marked the beginning of the stardom of this mantra. In spite of court tussles by some critics, the mantra further gained renowned acclaim when it was encapsulated in the Pledge of Allegiance. Remember, high school days and the monotonous recitations? However, it was only a part of the slogan; under God. This has, however, not happened without religious sentiments. In fact, certain atheists have occasionally crossed out the inscriptions to signify their rebellion. Though, the courts of appeals have desecrated all allegations of favoritism.

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In recent years, the assemblies confirmed and reaffirmed the slogan as the national anthem, further broadening the acclaim. All in all, the mantra has had assertive influence on the majority of Americans. God has perhaps accomplished highly for America in the fight against terrorism and cosseted against natural disasters. Actually, it has been put forward that by far majority approves. Ladies and gentlemen what do you think? Thank you.”

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