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Education Powered by Technology

The technology that is mostly adopted by learning institutions is the use of computers. Most learning institutions are investing in upgrading the standard of their education through the use of computers. Computers and telecommunication technologies are used in teaching practice to increase efficiency. Mathematics is one of the hardest subjects to teach because most students have a negative attitude towards the subject. Technology has solved this problem through many ways one of them being the increased contact between the teachers and the students. Students are always motivated by frequent contact between them and the teachers. The ease access to the teachers also increases the involvement of students in the learning process. The interaction enables the teachers to guide the students during hard times and encourage them to consistently work hard. Knowing specific teachers enhances the student’s dedication and commitment to the subjects. The students are able to plan their time well to improve their performance in mathematics.(Walter F. Heineke, 2001)

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Continuous contact with teachers ensures that the students maintain good values. Improved communication brought about by telecommunication technologies enhances the sharing of helpful recourses between the teachers and the students. The access to the teachers by the students also allows shared discussions in and out of class. These discussions help in solving problems and coming up with good learning ideas. Putting up a distant mode of communication where the students and the teachers don’t come into contact but they can communicate is important. This will help shy students to ask questions which they find hard to ask in class. The students are also able to discuss personal concerns to the teachers through writing because it might be hard to do it orally. The increased communications also facilitates interaction and bonding among students which is important in the learning process. (Walter F. Heineke, 2001)

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Mathematics requires a lot of continuous practice to achieve good performance. The increased communication facilitated by improved technology has made it easy for the teachers to monitor their students. Before the improved technology the student teacher interaction used to occur only when issuing home works. There were minimal communications between the teachers and the students because the interaction involved issue of the homework by the teacher, the student doing the homework and response to the homework by the teacher. That was the only interaction between the teacher and the students. This has now changed due to the presence of internet globally which has increased conversation between the teachers and the students when exchanging assignments. More time is saved compared to the much time which was used in the classroom. These have been seen to improve the performance of student in mathematics because students can do more consultations through the web. (Walter F. Heineke, 2001)

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The use of technology has also increased teamwork among students. Teamwork facilitates combined effort which is very important in learning. Mathematics is learnt and understood better with teamwork than individual or personal efforts. Excellent learning is achieved through working socially and collaborative than working in a competitive and exclusive manner. One is always involved when learning is done collectively. Giving out ideas and responding to other people’s ideas increases the level of thinking and understanding. Communication facilities enhance efficient learning of mathematics through collective learning, group discussion on problem solving and assignments and also studying in groups. Computers have led to increased impulsive communication among students over time. This has enabled classmates to continuously communicate without necessarily being physically together.(Mangal)

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Mathematics cannot be taught without mutual participation of both the students and the teachers. Involvement of technology in learning has lead to the development of dynamic learning techniques. Mathematical learning should not be conducted in a manner that makes the students dormant allowing them only to listen, cram and give answers. Students should be allowed to talk about what they are being taught, write it down and relate it to their daily lives. Learning should be made part of life to make interesting and enjoyable. Statistical researches and simulation can be done using computers. (Mangal)

Feed is a factor which is always present in teaching and learning practice. It is important to know the level of your knowledge when learning. This is determined by the teacher’s response to the students work. This feedback on student’s performances helps them to asses themselves on what they have learnt. Technology has enhanced fast feedback through the use of email for communication purposes. Computers can also be used to assess and evaluate performance of the students for a given period. Technology has also facilitated time saving techniques in learning. Using computers has enabled both students and teachers to save a lot of time when teaching and learning. This is made possible by enabling students to learn from home without having to physically attend classes. Efficient learning is also made possible when teachers are able to access and acquire information without having to go to the library to look for books. Computers are also used to allocate assignments and record class attendance and performance faster than doing it manually. (Gary B. Shelly, 2007)

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Computers also help students to research on those topics which they did not understand in class. After researching they are given an opportunity to consult the teachers. Computers also help the student to do their mathematical calculations easily. This is because they are able to add, multiply and divide figures electronically without having to do it manually which are time consuming. Students are also able to do accurate work using the computers hence good performance.(Gary B. Shelly, 2007).

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