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The Development of Telephone and Humanities

The invention and development of telephones started in the 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. Innovators in the 20th century have extended the telephone range athwart continents and overseas. Metaphorically decreasing the world and linking its citizens. Electronic systems and other technological developments have assisted customers consign call with no help of operators. More than a billion people all over the world have gone wireless by the year 2000 that means they are using cellular technology to converse and convey texts on super light weight telephones now called mobile phones.

Alexander graham bell and Elisha gray in the 1870s both designed a device that could transmit speech electrically and that was the telephone. The two hurried their own designs to the copyright office where Alexander patented his telephone first and he came forth the winner. The circumstances that led Alexander graham bell to invent the telephone were his efforts to advance the telegraph. When bell began test with electrical signals, the telegraph had previously been recognized as a means of communication for about 30 years. Although an extremely successful system, the telegraph with its prescripts was essentially restricted to receiving and sending message at a time. Bells’ broad knowledge of the nature of sound and his understanding of music facilitated him to inference the likelihood of transmitting several messages over some wire at the same time.

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Though the survival of a multiple telegraph had been in there for some time bell offered his own vocal approach as an achievable practical resolution. The working of Bell, his wife and mother on a multiplexing device for the telegraph system allowing simultaneous messages to be sent over some line at different frequencies gave bell an idea to discover the ‘speaking’ telegraph. It was Bells’ focus on speech, hearing and amplification that lead to his invention of the telephone (Watson, 1937).

The invention of telephone at that time by Bell had many effects on arts in that Bell and his supporters had to create the uses of telephone and get the message all over the public. The early telephone advertisements demonstrated how master used a confidential line to converse to his servants at home in addition to the factory. Telephone and radio that time allowed common people to talk and hear over huge distances. Bell’s telephone was founded on technology he was raising for the telegraph, as an option of a having a switch similar to a telegraph key, the telephone beams electric signs of which its current reacts to the air pressure of the initial sound of which is the  human voice.

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Immediately the voice goes through the transmitter, it transforms into uneven electric current. This adapted current goes through copper wires to the receiver. Where it drives an electromagnet which makes a diaphragm vibrates, procreating the original sound. The telephone requisites the concurrent invention of the microphone (transmitter), signal amplifiers and speaker. Thomas Edison also contributed to this invention where he developed the first commercially practical transmitter and receiver.

These inventions went on and on whereby it led to competitions between telephone companies. Competition almost ended as companies separated business among themselves under domination of AT&T and supervision of federal states regulators (Bruce, 1990).

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The growth of telephone system and the subscriber as the central factor and his ever rising necessities have stimulated invention and lead to continuous scientific research and required huge advances and extensions. It is said that the telephone cannot talk on our behalf but it carries our thoughts where you are. The telephone is fundamentally democratic it carries all voices with equal speed weather an adult or a child who is speaking. The effects of the evolution of telephone on the later time periods is that the new technology braced up other material modifications such as increasing manufacture and rise of national markets. The classical sociologists argue that the reproduction and the conservatory on interpersonal contacts were vital in the growth of the modern society. More communication through the telephone fathered economic and social specialization hence bringing cultures together in the society.

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In 1875 Americans who wanted to send messages had to travel or use a mediator. The messages were concise, and the variety and volume of communication were mostly restricted to businesses and emergencies. But with the invention of telephone by 1925 most Americans could speak across towns and countries quickly and efficient. The use of telephone tainted the physical layout of American cities because the telephone conversations removed the friction of space also the time and cost of crossing distances have also abridged the importance of central location this means that business and people can now move easily to central periphery (Pool, 1977). Some people have argued that telephone if a force of equality because it permits citizens to communicate, collaborate and even scheme uncontrolled by central authority. Telephone calls have improved social ties offering jauntiness, comfort and safety making America a nation of neighbors. Some have portrayed telephone as a device that has functioned on behalf of social adherences.

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Telephone use has also been described as it weakens local ties in support of extra local contacts and national interests (Claude, 1994). Ron westrum has argued that devices such as telephone allow obliteration of community because they push far-fling operation and far-fling relationships. And at deeper level telephone leads to placeless and without rootedness both community and identity are at danger. Telephone has also psychological effects for example the possible creation of an alert tense the speedy frame of minds of people. One common complaint in the 19th century was that telephone permitted intrusion into domestic circle by solicitors, music and even carried germs.


All in all the account of the telephone system has been as much concerning a development of communication guidelines than about development of technology. The telephone system was established to take gain of a technology that had no apparent use at the time of its discovery. Its prospective has fundamentally expanded lately with the computer networks and fax machines. We could not picture life with no the telephone system and have a hard time accepting why its potential was such an anonymity over a century ago. The thoughtful effects the telephone system has had on society, changing the way we work, socialize and think.

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