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Internet Technology
  1. Information in one or more circumstances need to be protected from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, destruction or recording. Information being delivered electronically perhaps is the most exposed to the risks stated above. There are various factors that call for the need of information security most commonly internet information most notable being confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and non-repudiation. The best method of protecting internet information to protect both the confidentiality and the sensitivity of the information is cryptography. What basically happens in cryptography is that usable information is transformed into a form that renders the same information unusable to unauthorized users. This process is commonly known as encryption. This implies that encrypted information can be reversed back into a usable form by authorized users in the presence of a cryptographic key. This process of transforming unusable information into a usable form is known as decryption. This process is carried out in order to ensure that information is protected from unauthorized or accidental disclosure while in transit.
  2. Internet technology can be said to be developing at a very fast rate even surpassing the laws that govern it. This is with the inclusion of copyright laws that aim at protecting original authors with respect to published material. The common perception regarding internet publishing is that anything published over the internet can be downloaded or copied. Despite this basic perception, the same laws that apply in physical publishing are the same laws that apply on internet publishing. While full publishing over the internet may raise questions regarding the copyright of the information, it does not entirely mean that the work has entered into the public domain. It should be of common knowledge that one who infringes copyright laws not only violates federal laws but also violates the policies on electronic publishing and appropriate use policy.

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