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Technology has Influenced the Human Life Positively

Technology according to modern research encompasses inventions that revolve around making and using technological devices. Technology takes into account the use of modern systems and techniques born of mans’ efforts with the aim of improving human life. In my opinion, technology has impacted positively on our lives.

This is true because information communication and technology tools such as mobile phone and computers have enhanced communication. With technology people living different continents carry on their businesses as if they were next door neighbors, on the other hand there is an ongoing debate that the use technological devices has made work easier this is a threat to employment as it could lead to massive loss of jobs in industries.

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In addition we have notebooks, laptops and related devices and of course the internet facilitates on-line research and communication. This in my opinion helps to expand education because one can study on-line however, according to James Arthur and Robert Phillips, the use of ICT has contributed to reduce student attention span in class and this leads to reduced creativity (Richter, 1982, p. 87).

Technology has greatly increased productivity in industries. For instance the use of computer controlled devices such as robots has impacted on production positively. Man is nowadays subjected to lesser risk because robots are now used in exploring dangerous areas such as geological research, weapon analysis, space exploration or handling of dangerous chemicals in chemical industries, however even as there is a believe that technology has played a positive role in boosting productivity in industries it is at the same time responsible for environmental pollution through dumping of materials which may not decompose and others, producing dangerous chemicals some of which may contaminate the water table. In addition some chemical form gases that escape to the ozone layer posing a threat. Use of weapons of mass destruction on the other hand also poses massive threat to life.

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Technology has proven that it has positive effect on health, with the new technology diseases that used to rapidly claim human life such as cholera, whooping cough, malaria and poliomyelitis among others are now not a big threat in the modern society. For instance the use of ICT has made it possible to communicate warning messages incase of an out break and thus the situation is arrested on the spot before the disease spread beyond control. Secondly, pharmaceutical technology has brought a radical change in medical industry, doctors are now able to provide cure to much more illnesses and many more drugs have been discovered and are being applied in treatment courtesy of technology. In addition new techniques in medical diagnosis such as use of fiber optic has made it possible quickly diagnose and cure of tumors, kidney stones among others without the need for a major operation which would increase the patient’s stay in hospital thus reducing cost and the time that the patient recovery time in hospital bed. (Landau, 1986 p.369-372), however there is a hypothesis that the drastic changes in health particularly in medical care and research has been characterised by increased expectations which in return have lead to increased demands which are affecting the organization ofservices (Shi, 2008) p.162.

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Technology has also contributed greatly to many countries’ economic growth. In fact, all the benefits of technology in the various spheres of points towards boosting the economy of a country. For instance,in business, businessmen an women are able to market their products through the internet (e-marketting) and they are also able to transact their businesses online (e-business). Analysts are also able to perform financial forecasting and statistical analysis more easily anand acurately and this enable them in decision making.In addition, in schools the introduction of science and technology course in the curriculum in many countries has gone a long way in improving the quality of life since through these courses many have become self employed through implementing the skills they learn. In addition, technology has greately influenced people’s way of life. For instance in motro vehicle engineering technology has made it easier to produce more and faster vehicles and more sphisticated and user friendly models has been invented. In manufacturing and processing industries technology has been employed in most of the processes and this has greately increased production, however technology is belived to has impacted negatively on moral integrity especially in matters pertaining to ponographical materials and chatting sites.

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Further more, in transport industry technology has facilitated introduction of more reliable means of transport. More faster modes of transport has been put in place courtesy of technology. It is now possible for perishable goods to be transported to the desired destination in good time. Technolgy has enabled the drivers,and pilots among others to be warned of accidents and so technology has contributed in reducing the number of accidents comparatively, however, inspite of improved means of transport polution is still yet to be fully addressed and it still poses great challege to our environment.

In conclusion, the above factors among others have enabled me come to a conclusion that technology has influenced our lives positively because it is evident that in all spheres of human kind technology has been witnessed adding value to the standards of living. I would love to state that there are many more benefits connected to technology that this essay does not cover, however the few covered are an indication of how it does influence on human life for the better.

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