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The program I daily use is the Avast Antivirus.

This program typically helps to keep  my  computers  storage  internal or  external devices  from  encountering  any form of malfunction, defaults  in operations or  even  spoiling  as  any attacks  by worms  or  viruses that might  be contracted  when I share my  Personal Computer (PC) with my friends as a result  of sharing the information  through the use of  the  external devices , thus the program  will ensure that the  computer  will automatically  identify  any foreign device  that contains viruses or  even worms  from  getting into  the  computer thus affecting the normal perations of the  computers  as a result  of the  worms  getting  into the  computers  system  and  thus affecting the operations.   

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The steps involved in downloading and installing of the Avast antivirus into my Personal Computer

I had  problems  with my computer  this is as a result  of the  machine  dragging in its  operations  and at  some times I experienced  my computer hanging or  even  abruptly turning  of  when  I was in the middle of  something important, this  resulted to me opting to  find a remedy of this  problem  as I  was  loosing lots  of data and this costed  me  a lot.   

Steps Involved Includes

Step 1 turn on the computer that is connected to the internet.

Steps 2 go to the browser option which depends on what the computer owner prefers using, opera, mozilla or any other browser (Sinha 2011)..

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Steps 3 type the site for downloading software and click on the icon that will instruct you to download and wait the download to be completed.  

Step 4 once the download is complete the user is in the software is ready to s be installed into the computer thus provide the computer with the necessary protection against any forms of viruses or worms.    

Step 5 this step will involve the installing of the anti virus into the computers, the process will also include an icon  that will ask you s for the  authority  for  installing the program  in the computer thus  give  you the  terms and  conditions  necessary for  Programme  to  operate effectively, and  it will ask  you  if you ARE  willing  to  abide  by the rules and  regulation  before  its  able to be  installed on the  computer, and in that case  you  will have to press / tick I Agree box in  order for you to proceed to the  next  step(Sinha 2011).    

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Step 6 in this point the Programme will ask you to verify the  previous application and at the same time  ask you  to identify the  place  that you  want the  program  to  be  stored  in the computer  which  according to an  individual  using windows Operating  System the Programme  will  be stored by default   in Drive C.    

Step 7 at this stage the program will be left to run and complete installing.

Steps 8 once installing is  complete  a  dialogue  box will appear   on the computer screen informing  you that  the process is  completed  successfully thus  it will ask you to  stop it  or  continue  as  complete  scan on  your  computer  hard  drives (Sinha 2011).

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Step 9 in order to conduct a scan on the computer it will depend on the user  who will opt  for the complete scan  or the  quick  scan  of the  computer and  remove  all the  threats  that are  in the computer.

Step 10 once one have decided on what type of scanning one gives his /her computer the process will take place and on completion it will ask you to treat the threats that are detected (Sinha 2011).    

Discussion Two

Being a new user of the Avast antivirus, I managed to fumble through the different steps into completing the installing and scanning process successfully; but there are different suggestions that I think are needed to be put in place in order to ensure that the process of scanning the computer with the Avast antivirus can be able easily achieved by the individual on the first  day without  any interventions from any person  who frequently uses the Programme. This will be even without coming into constant challenges that might erupt as a result of the poor commands that are being highlighted by the program when undertaking the scanning process.  

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The first change that I would like to be incorporated in the Avast antivirus programs is the fonts and the colors of these fonts that appear on the software interface. According to my own view I have noted that the fonts used aren’t that pleasant to the eyes, this is because they use dull course like orange which I consider to be a color and not that attractive to me, and thus the interface designers should also think of a way of improving the font used in the interface. This is in order for the software to be more attractive to the users   and thus facilitate the users are in the position of using the program which contains the specific fonts that will be attractive to ones eye.

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The feedback delivery process is also another section that needs to be corrected this is because the software has to be turned on in order for the process of scanning to proceed. Thus what I think is missing in this case is the is when the command can direct the user on what steps that one is supposed to be involved in, in order to  ensure that the user  doesn’t delay in one step as a result of not being able to connect what is going between the computer and the Scanner. For this reason, it would be possibly right if the softwares had the opportunity of using the tones or speech thus facilitating the users to follow the steps effectively.

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