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The organization is a communication company that offers communication services via internet. It is struggling to change from their slow technology to efficient and faster communication through utilisation of latest technological advancements in internet. It offers interconnection of different people living in different parts of the world. It is involved in data storage, linking communicating parties and ensuring that the client’s information is secure and is transmitted very fast. Generally, the company offers communication services.

The main issue is to never again use applications that are monolithic. Monolithic application is a software application that is single tied in which mode pf data access and user interface remade from a single platform to become a single program. Monolithic applications are independent and self contained. However, they act as data silos that are private hence do not form larger systems parts applications working together. It is a software application that lacks modularity in its design. This therefore lacks desirability as it does not support application logics pats reuse. More so, it does not support maintenance because it does not allow repairing or replacing application parts on small scale because it requires replacement in wholesale.

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Monolithic applications have various advantages e.g. it enables easier coding and debugging of modular programs, make the size of the program smaller or enables reusing of codes in other programs. However, it has disadvantages e.g. checking of errors on large programs becomes difficult, its maintenance is difficult and it does not allow reusing because a particular problem could be having a specific code.

As a result of all these problems, the organization intends to build an interconnection of computers sharing a storage system that is central with peripheral devices e.g. routers, scanners, printers where each computer is allowed to independently operate but at the same time having ability of communicating with other computers and devices. The organization intends to use hardware that can be bought or sold in substantial quantities in the market place. It also intends to use open source software, which mostly has been used before but having fewer defects. The organization also wants to develop a system that can be used worldwide. It has achieved this by using components with plug in equipments that are standard.

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Implementation of technology is illustrated by use of software’s that allow sharing between client, servers and databases. This is efficient because it allows effective flow of information. The same structure is used by all client server systems where the clients have application codes while servers have the data. The software that is used is written using type where programmer defines type of function and data structure having a certain type of data type.  This allows the data structure to include functions and data. It also allows creation of relationships between different objects hence allows sharing or inheriting of characteristics between objects.

Technology is also implemented so that the rising demand of client server system can be met. This is achieved by use of asynchronous transfer mode as opposed to Ethernet. Ethernet is a connection system where computer systems are connected to form LAN which allows passing of information to be controlled so as to evade transmission that is simultaneous by two or more systems. The organization is doing away with Ethernet because delays could be caused by packet switching, cause congestion in cases where 40% of users or more attempt to transmit. On the other hand asynchronous transfer mode is a telecommunication network technique that utilizes asynchronous time division multiplexing by encoding data to tiny fixed sized cells as opposed to Ethernet that uses variable packets or frames. ATM uses a model that is connection oriented which requires establishment of a virtual circuit between two end points to allow exchange of data. The organization is migrating to ATM because it ensures high speed communication; it is a service that is connection oriented and uses a single, universal interoperable network. It is also good because voice, video and data can be reliably mixed.

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The use of distributed function approach

Here, wireless sensors are distributed randomly across the bottom tier of the network. The sensors have limited memory and power hence communicates using radio that is short range. It is flexible as it allows message queuing. This minimizes costs while being efficient. The remote data management lies on the host while the application lies on the client. It has one application program hence it is easy to program. Communication between server and client uses SQL. It provides a software layer which allows client to handle communication. Through data manipulation language presentation and function logic are supported by workstations. It is relevant because it allows sharing of information between servers that are spread. It is implementation of technology because it’s cost effective, efficient with fewer delays and is user friendly.

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On improving business technology usage, I would use wireless internet communication commonly known as wifi or WLAN (wireless local area network). Here data is transmitted over distances form one device to s another without using wires but by use of low power radio waves. I would also introduce internet telephony or voice over IP services. Through the internet, sounds are sent to its destination which could be a computer or a phone. It only requires a headset, high speed internet and software application that bridges the company lending the service, the caller and the receiver. Information is sent via net from pc to pc regardless of physical or geographical location of the two persons. More so, I would ensure operational efficiency by using technological transformation services in aligning my business needs. This would is achieved by creation of an IT or internet roadmap to analyse business processes by optimizing IT portfolio through internet and information and communication technology architecture engineering which ensures portfolio consolidation application.

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