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Global Positioning System

SUBJECT MATTER: Incorporation of Global positioning system into our systems

Due to the recent kidnapping and disappearance of our customers on their trip to the national park, the management has decided to incorporate GPS into our systems so that we won’t be able to lose track of any of our clients. By using GPS we will be able to keep track of our tourist clients as they travel across the country without worrying of a bad occurrence like the kidnapping that happened recently. This will save us the cost associated with searching and hiring investigators and by so doing; the company will work efficiently and maximally.

GPS means global positioning system. Global positioning system satellites move round the earth twice a day following a very precise distinguished path called orbit which then send signal information to earth. GPS receivers that are found on earth take this information and calculate the location of the user using the triangulation method. The receiver compares times in which a satellite sends a signal and the time the signal was received.( Featherstone,2004).

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The GPS receiver can then determine how far the satellite is by using this time difference. Several signals are sent through other satellites giving distant measurements. The receiver is then able to display the position of the user on the unit’s electronic map. The receiver must be locked in the signal by more than three satellites to enable calculation of 2D position, i.e. latitude and longitude and to be able to track movement. When four or more satellites are in view, the receiver is in a position to determine the latitude, longitude and altitude of the user. After the determination of the user’s position the GPS unit can be used to calculate other information e.g. trip distance, distance to destination, sunset and sunrise time, speed and bearing.

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Once we incorporate this into our system, we will be able to track down all our vehicles by fitting them with trackers. Incase the tourists on board are kidnapped or hijacked; we will be able to tell their position so that rescue missions can be launched. This will serve to improve our efficiency and have the trust of our tourist clients.

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