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Smart or Interactive Technologies


Interactive technologies and SMART Education are intricately intertwined. SMART education provides a forum for maximum utility of interactive technology.” SMART” is an acronym standing for a Sensitive technology, Manageable system, Adaptable use, Responsive and Timely programs.  It means an interactive technology should be a flexible and tailor-made system designed to cater for individual uses like in education (Nakashima, Aghajan and Augusto 220).

Smart and interactive technologies have been used in many disciplines including business, education, management, governance and industries. However, continued development of the technologies presents some problems like overdependence and the question of affordability in developing nations. The use of the technologies also requires advanced computer skills, since it is centered on digital applications (Benyon and Turner 47).

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Smart or Interactive Technologies must involve the use of Information Communications Technologies (ICT) and interactive whiteboard. Smart Education and Interactive technology depends on solutions which are obtained from Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in technology and education.

In case of limited human skills, in its applications, the technologies may not assist in combating the human challenges, unless proper training is provided to its users. These skills are needed because the technologies involve the combinations of HCI solutions with those of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or multimedia, and web technology. The potential human error and deficiencies in using the technologies presents a significant challenge. This limits creativity in the overall interactive technology and how the application in overall education system (Borchers 84).

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An example to this problem is that of the Smart Board technology. The Smart Board is difficult to write since shadows can be casted on the writing area if a teacher stands between the projector and screen. It is also hard to write on it neatly, and it is expensive to buy or even to maintain.

In England, there have been heavy investments towards improvement of resources for Information and Communication Technology (ICT), especially on the interactive whiteboard technology. Speed, capacity, interactivity, range, and Automaticity are some of the human challenges which are specified by initial teacher education and in-service training of teachers in United Kingdom.

There have been considerable advances in communication, interactive and information technology globally. However, the problem for continued development of interactive technology is the aspect of dissatisfaction. Despite the fact that it has been possible to reach a large number of people with the technology, majority are still seeing deficiencies in the benefits that the technologies offer. In fact, most of the companies have not developed products, which reinforce the functions of the Smart Boards, but ones which use the related technologies to compete the Smart Boards (Jacko and Stephanidis 122).

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The Smart Board can only work with any loaded program which is available to the host computer. These applications commonly used alongside the Smart Board are the AutoCAD, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Smart Boards have many uses including training, delivering presentations, teaching, conducting meetings, and its use in the discovery television channel.

The introduction of interactive whiteboard technology is rampant among the developed nations where skills are developed. There is an assumption that its use in education presents the greatest opportunity for learners to gain maximum benefits. However, in developing countries like South Africa, the technology is posing a significant challenge since advanced teacher skills are needed in its implementation.

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Smart or Interactive Technologies is one of the advances towards the creation of efficient systems in the society, but there are emerging challenges of inadequate human skills to embrace change. Humans are also dissatisfied that the technologies have not increased efficiency in many sectors, including education and business. The use of Smart board is currently taking a global perspective. The interactive technologies have been implemented in most countries. Its benefits cannot be downplayed in the 21st century.

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