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Knowledge, Learning and Enterprise System

HPT involves many processes which result in a wide range of intervention. It involves a systematic approach to improve an organization and individual performance. The process of implementing requires understanding of human capabilities rather then application and implementation of this understanding of the development of the organization or individual, and finally, ensuring a successful implementation of the human factor implementation.

Practitioners using HPT have better opportunities since they get to study the human behavior and, hence, their software will suit most of the needs according to the scientific study; application and implementation of human capabilities will improve the organization performance. The practitioner is able to involve the practices of design, development utilization, management and evaluation of the process resource learning. This involves education technology (Expertus: Training Outsourcing, 2006)

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In general, the practitioner has the following advantages over the one using standard software development: mission analysis, performance analysis, intervention implementation and evaluation of the performance final result (Pealson 2010).

The similarities between HPT and SDLC are: both involve the requirements of an organization and analysis of the requirement. Both HPT and SDLC are involved in development of software to help in maintenance of the organization. Both are involved in design and improvement of the software, which will enable the development and improvement of the organization's performance.

The HPT and SDLC have differences, which include that the HPT is majorly involved in improving the performance of an organization whilst the SDLC is aimed at developing the software that is to be implemented in the organization (Katzenbach 2000).

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While SDLC is involved in code testing and designing, the HPT is involved in the scientific study of human capabilities and applying them to help in the development and improving of the organization through technology education. HPT starts from total quality management, process improvement, behavioral psychology, structural system design for development and improvement, while SDLC starts with requirement analysis, design, coding, testing, which will satisfy the consumer requirement and which will eventually deliver a quality product (Levensaler 2009).

The data required for the learning management system (LMS) are: the FLP should consider in what ways they want to carry out their teaching and what methods did they use previously so as to rate them and if the method they used was effective and brought a result that was satisfying to the customer.

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How much did it cost them and will they be saving on the cost if they implement the LMS. In the learning perspective in the model, when upgrading to LMS, the learning should be standardized, that is, have a standard e-learning for their teaching (Halan 2004). The FLP should consider the financial viability of the LMS, their capability to support it to the end and whether it will bring back what they are about to spend in upgrading and using the new system (Ellis 2007).

The risks facing the firm will be digital security, identity theft of the training videos and privacy of the information. The ethical issues to be considered are whether by using the native information online they will be violating employee privacy rights? Will the information being availed be useful and the provision of the social site and texting services not influence the output of the work negatively? The firm should take measures such as ensure that the implementation of such technology is legal and the employees should sign no-disclosure agreements so that employer's videos should not be disclosed if the employee happens to work for another firm and state rules to guide the employees on when to use the social sites so as not to affect their work (Wellins 1991).

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