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Visions of the Future

Popular culture in the U.S. in permeated with various visions of the future. As a matter of fact, despite the fact that personal computers are quite common items currently, before 1975, the notion of personal computer has been purely science fiction. As a matter of fact, computers and microchips have become ubiquitous to our everyday life in a way few could have imagined a hundred years ago. Therefore, a lot of things, which might be currently considered as science fiction, will become a reality in the future.

The humankind has observed serious spurts in the digital technology during the last ten years.The existence of smart phones,multi-touch tablets, cloud computing,and other novelties and innovations have actually revolutionized the way people dwell and perform. Nevertheless, no matter whether people believe this or not, it is only the beginning. Technology will become even better. In the future, people will be able to live the way people inscience fictionmovies do. After speculating about the fact that the iPhone has been released to the public only five years ago, it becomes obvious that technology is developing and moving at the speed of light. In fact, there are some spheres, including 3D printing technology, which are evolving more rapidly than other areas, but the current rates of the technology development demonstrate that people will presumably be utilizing the Star Trek technology before they actually learn how to use it.

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It is obvious that no one is able to foresee the future beforehand with 100 percent promptitude, but with the help of tracking probable technology achievements and ruptures, which are pending in the coming three-to-four decades such as stem cells combating illnesses, nanotech allowing having deficiency-free ways of life, and non-biological tissues enhancing organisms, it is probable to originate a believable screenplay of how the future will progress over the following one hundred years. In fact, future technologygoes beyond the actuality of science and technology as such (Emspak). Practically, it means that future technology is absolutely and substantially distinctive from high-technology, the hindmosttechnology,and advanced technology. The above-mentioned types introduce cutting-edge human inventions, which have been created and become able to learn and utilize not long ago. Future technology underscores human perspectives or unexpected items, which have not yet been devised or utilized. Only within a particular period, humanity will be able to maybe learn and utilize future technology (Emspak).

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There are several spheres and items that will obviously become a reality within one hundred years. Firstly, human kind will tend to minimalism. Therefore, the possibility to have a zero-sized intelligence in computing will mean that it will become possible to pack a great lot of knowledge and information in a teeny container. In fact, computer organizations currently stimulate visionary creative potential, and a number of them, including Intel, even have futurists on board in order to prophesy the future path of technology. Futurist Brian David Johnson believes that the technology of computing will progress to such small sizes that it will almost be zero (Briseno). Computer companies have the technology to install computers practically everywhere and in nearly everything. Computers, which actually used to occupy the whole rooms, then entire worktops, may become transformed into the micro-chip-measured corps and atom-generated transistors, which will be viewless to the unaided eye. A lot of people believe that the contraction of the computing proportions will also cause the termination of phenomenon named as Moore’s Law. In fact, Gordon E. Moore, who is a co-founder of Intel, courageously foreseen that every two years the quantity of transistors on a chip will approximately duplicate every two years. Due to the fact that computer intelligence has mitigated in dimension and thus, a number of models are generated by only five atoms, single-atom evolvements of approximately ten to twenty years in advance will get smaller and may arrive at an endpoint when atomic transistors supersede chips (Briseno).

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The second sphere of development encompasses neurohacking. In fact, neuroscientists are looking for the ways to read minds of people with a help of special engines, and despite the fact that this attempts has existed for decades, an actual achievements are being made by scientists at the University of California, and Berkeley (Briseno). In fact, the interpreting of the electrical energies from thebrainwith the help of decoding brainwaves is one method, which will assist, for instance, victims of insanity, meaning those who have entanglement with neurotransmitters translating speculations into understandable speech or keeping speculations long enough to receive them in a verbal form before they are forgotten. As a matter of fact, it is a bit appalling to understand that science and engines could soon have a run to people’s deepest speculations. Also, the outcomes of neurohacking into people’s speculations have been observed in regard to neuromarketing, which actually subjects human being’s brains with the help of manipulating with their desires and wishes through commerce and advertisements (Emspak). In fact, people’s speculations and actings could practically be drafted by a form of media, which makes people believe that they are getting what they actually desire, when in reality, people are going for something that their brains may only believe is supposed to be good.

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Nanotechnology is the third sphere of the outmost future development. In practice, nanotechnology is being utilized for novelties in engineering, medicative items, imaging, computing, etc. Therefore, nanomedicine is one sphere, which actually experiences clipping and drastic evolvement. Due to the fact that a lot of diseases and disturbances in the organism occur at the cellular level and developed as governed by the molding of genetical nature, nanotechnology has the ability to amend at the very radix of the illness rather than after it is entirely distributed throughout the organism. It may be both preclusive and therapeutic, due to the fact that therapy arrives at the most confined and the most minuscule midpoints of superintendence. Neurosurgery andgene therapyare the two spheres within nanomed, which are especially well-fitting for various nanotools and technology (Emspak).

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