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Use of Technology to Enhance Learning

Technological advancement allows for the use of advanced methods and systems to accomplish tasks. It also involves the adoption of new knowledge and mechanisms to increase effectiveness. The advancement in computer technology is one of the greatest discoveries in human history (Anderson, Groulx & Maninger, 2011). Some of the areas that have greatly benefited from the advancement are business, learning and security. In this paper, the use of technology to enhance learning and advancement of education are considered.

Reduced Learning Costs

Technology has contributed to the reduction in the costs of learning (Shurville, Browne, & Whitaker, 2009). In the ancient era, learning material was obtained from hard copies such as books, magazines and journals. A learner or a parent desirous of studying such material would obtain it by making orders for purchase. The costs associated with buying of new books or other academic materials are substantially high. While purchase of a single book or magazine may be affordable, buying more than one such material may prove to be expensive. The situation could be worse to parents with limited financial resources.

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In the modern world, information or any academic material is easily accessible online. Hence, learners can easily access any information to further their studies (Anderson, Groulx, & Maninger, 2011). When a hard copy material is stored in a physical location, it takes time and process to retrieve the book or journal. In some cases, the hard copy material can be misplaced, lost, maliciously hidden, stolen or even destroyed. Hard copy materials are also prone to effects of weather and human activities. The storage of books and such material must be done carefully. Technology helps to address challenges associated with such shortcomings. There is much convenience in the storage and retrieval of material stored in soft copy formats (Shurville, Browne, & Whitaker, 2009). Therefore, learners and other stakeholders involved in the provision of learning services are better placed using technology than the other systems.

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Technology has also improved communication. In the early periods, communication was done using slower avenues such as letter writing (Anderson, Groulx, & Maninger, 2011). Besides being time-consuming and tedious, information distortion was highly probable. In such a setup, learning was one of the sectors most disadvantaged. It was difficult for trainers and learners to interact with each other in furthering their skills and knowledge.

Computer technology has brought about the use of electronic mail, Skype, video conferencing, and use of social media channels like Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook. These modes of communication are convenient since they facilitate instantaneous communication at minimal costs. Due to technology development the world has been termed as a ‘global village’ (Shurville, Browne & Whitaker, 2009). Besides the convenience, their affordability enables learners from humble backgrounds to utilize them to acquire knowledge.

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Learners are in a position to interact and share information amongst themselves regardless of their locations (Geer & Sweeney, 2012). A student in one continent is able to interact with one in a different continent. Learning is promoted where sharing entails academic material and experience. The acquisition of knowledge from others leads to empowerment of other learners.  

Technology in the Learning Process

The process of learning is much easier than it used to be in the former ancient setup. The access to material for learning has been made convenient. Using the Internet, a student or a trainer is able to access immense data (Geer & Sweeney, 2012). It is unlike the use of hard copies that would require time to retrieve and are prone to destruction due to human activities. The interaction between teachers and students has also been improved with technological online-based communications. Assignments and discussions can be done through e-mail communication. It allows for immediate responses at reduced costs.

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In many cases, trainers travel to regions or cities far from their locations or stations of work (Geer & Sweeney, 2012). Their physical attendance would be compromised because of various commitments. Online communication aids to fill the void that would have been left due to the physical absence of a tutor or a trainer. Assignments, directions and replies can be made from a trainer to his/her learners via email system and other online modes of communication (Shurville, Browne, & Whitaker, 2009). Time wastage is also avoided since technology is instantaneous.

The use of video conferencing has also aided in enhancing of learning. Seminars or talks that encourage advancement of education among students can be accomplished through the technology. A speaker in a different geographical location can be in direct communication with students or learners in another distant region. The same application of Skype can be adopted as well. Other computer technological advancements help to further learning and education. Computer simulations and illustrations aid in classroom teaching to make students better understand and comprehend the concepts (Geer & Sweeney, 2012). It provides an avenue that creates impressions of reality to help the learners grasp ideas subject to learning.

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Learners and Developing Research Skills

Students interested in studying a certain topic would easily access the required information. In the cases where information obtained does not serve an assignment at hand, learners would be forced to research on other related pieces of the topic in order to build an understanding of the aspect being studied. Such a culture, when imparted into learners would allow them to advance on collecting, analyzing and presenting data in an appropriate manner.

The adoption of right techniques to research would promote learning. Students would be trained on appropriate research methods for their use (Geer & Sweeney, 2012). The effect would be advancement in research skills. It is through research that innovations and other inventions are made. Therefore, the standards of education would be enhanced due to technological advancements. Learners are trained on how to acquire and utilize information obtained online. Data is critical towards the success of any research undertaking (Geer & Sweeney, 2012). Its wide availability on online sites gives learners an avenue to practice and sharpen their research skills.

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