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Windows 8 Bugs

The digital platform remains revolutionary and diverse, with new and better operating systems and applications being developed on hourly basis. For a long time, I had been using Windows 7 operating systems on my PC. However, the incompetence and functional inefficiencies of the system forced me to adopt the new Windows 8 platform. The new operating system has since, in line with Muchmore’s (2003) assertion, shown high efficiencies in startup times, which are shorter than those of Windows 7. It also gives the computer an elegant look it never had before, supporting new software applications that are easily accessible from the Windows Store. In addition, Windows 8 has effectively enabled me to store vital files online through the SkyDrive platform, which also offers rapid access to the stored files whenever needed. The security system of the new OS has also been satisfactory, preventing unauthorized updates, thus saving data costs, and enhancing protection from malware (Muchmore, 2014).

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Despite the above merits, however, I have experienced many bugs with the system, prompting me to seek online technical support. The inefficiency of the Windows Explorer application, which was constantly crashing, was of particular concern. In addition, the application, which was my primary browser, had the tendency to refresh constantly when in use, thus making browsing and hence the platform user unfriendly. Indeed, I thought this was a solitary case unique to my computer, and even thought of visiting an electronic repair centre to get the problem fixed. Before taking the step, however, I decided to try an online platform to examine my bug. As such, I posted my inquiry on the Tech Support Guy discussion forum and awaited response.

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After a short wait, responses started streaming in with all sorts of relevant directions. I was able to learn that the problem in functionality of the Internet Explorer on the Windows 8 OS was a result of an installation error which facilitated development of a bug between the hardware driver and the OS. To solve the problem, I was directed to refresh my computer, a short procedure that I easily conducted without seeking further technical support. The procedure involved accessing the settings function in the PC and locating the Update and Recovery prompt. Thereafter, I was directed to select the ‘Get started’ key followed by ‘refresh pc without affecting files’. Keen accomplishment of the procedure effectively reinstalled my Windows application, leading to a seamlessly operating Windows Explorer. Other than the re-installation procedure, I got suggestions from technical personnel on better browsers to use, with many advising me to install the Mozilla Firefox app or Google Chrome browsers, both of which I have since installed to obtain a more relaxing and enjoyable browsing experience.

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While my request was directed towards fixing the Internet Explorer application, the interactive platform provided by the online sites has since enabled me to solve a number of other issues. Through the Digital Trends site, I discovered much more information without even having to inquire for it. For instance, I learnt that activation errors I experienced during the initial installation process were minor cases that I could have solved personally. Moreover, I realized that the prospect of SkyDrive backing up multiple copies of identical files is easily manageable. Moreover, compromised processor performance could result from bugs that can be fixed using credible antivirus applications. Finally, I learnt how to solve circumstances in which Windows could not sleep, thus consuming much operational energy. However, I am still waiting for insight into solving the screen brightness issue since the “Fn + F5” function in my device does not tackle the problem.

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In summary, online platform provides ideal solutions to computer problems. Therefore, users should consider visiting online forums and pose their questions before seeking alternative solutions. Specifically, I recommend Digital Trends and PCMag group for ideal digital solutions.

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