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Knowledge Management

Question 1

During disasters, wireless computing help the emergency response manager to have timely alerts and notifications. Modern wireless devices are capable of supporting the multiple inputs multiple output (MIMO) scheme. This means that a field commander responsible for the emergency response will use personal computer to monitor and coordinate rescue personnel; firefighters through the GPS return system as well as real-time video and audio feedback. Therefore, a properly utilized wireless computer technology will have a significant impact on emergency response and personnel safety.

Question 2

 WIMAX is a Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. So as to exploit the mobile commerce, market handsets producers are making WAP empowered smart phones. This has significantly affected cell phones for mobile commerce; allowing consumers to pay and place orders on the fly and statistics services which include the distribution of monetary news.

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Question 3

The best ways of reducing the risk of occupational fraud is through establishing a non-retaliation policy to be used in reporting and resolving internal auditing and accounting concerns. Establishment of code of business ethics reduces the risk of fraud. Codes of ethics usually promote integrity, honesty and professional ethics within the company.  It is also important to conduct a background study of an applicant prior to employment in order to ensure that the applicant has a fraud and criminal free record. Job rotation is another effective way or reducing the risk of fraud, this is because most of the fraud occurs after a considerable period of time in order to avoid drawing attention.

Question 4

Authentication and authorization in e-commerce plays a vital role in protecting the confidentiality, integrity of the e-commerce users since it ensures that online business are completely secure. Furthermore, it makes it possible for the e-commerce service provider to deter any unauthorized access to the customer account. It also ensures that internet hacker is completely unable to disguise as a customer. Furthermore, authentication and authorization procedure normally increases the credibility of the e-commerce service provider to the customers.  Authentication also eliminates the redundant authentication cost since it uses comprehensive verification procedures.

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Question 5

Information control and security is very important to the management because it is the key ingredient that drives the company’s business. Unauthorized access to company’s confidential information has increased.  In addition, leakage of the company’s confidential information such as account data, credit card information and manufacturing formula may actually have a devastating impact and bring additional expenses to the company. Compromised information security makes a company to lose its competitive advantages over its competitors. That’s why reliable, confidential and secure information control and security systems are of major concern to the management today.

Question 6

a)Probability of quake occurrence= 7100

Probability of damages = 120

Total daily loss from a quake (dollars) = (7100  ×120 ) × $ 1.6 million

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 = $ 5600

Annual loss from quake = $ 67200

b)      Insurance company offers $15000 per annum. This offer is acceptable because the total loss from the quake is approximately $67200 per year. Even though the probability of an earthquake occurring per year is limited, the offer is sustainable putting into consideration of the risk of loss involved in case of an earthquake occurrence.

Question 7

A business-to-business forward auction is an event where the company offers services or items for bidding and various potential buyers compete to offer a price a seller will accept; a valuable capability when discussing services or products that makes revenue. Forward auctions are usually utilized to auction promotional allowances, advertising space, property or product and services where the percentage structure is beneficial to the stakeholder. On the contrary, buyers’ bid for RFQ is request proposal to the company for the prices of an upcoming project; the request contains inquiry of important details about the upcoming projects. The request proposal provides the buyer with all important information that helps in making biding decision. It also helps the buyer to determine the estimated budget of a particular project which will be used to compare later bids.

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Question 8

Fulfillment and delivery to customers is usually a difficult task. The difficulties arise due the inability to make accurate demands forecast and presence of ineffective e-tailing supply chain. The B2C model also contributes to delivery delay. This is because small orders are usually required to be delivered to the customers, whilst large goods are normally shipped in large quantities to retail chains where the customer ought to pick them up. Other major issues that make order fulfillment in B2C difficult include the shipment size, variety of shipment frequency, multiple distribution channels, and uneven breadth of carrier’s services and existence of fewer carries that offers complex EC transaction paths.

Question 9

E-commerce has failed due to lack of strategic direction.  This is because websites have been created in an attempt to be satisfying the needs of everyone. The make of the the website may lead it to fail to adequately meet the expectations of the customers. Failure to manage customers has also contributed to the failure of the e-commerce. This is because most companies only consider their own perspective rather than that of the customers. This is evident in all types of online assets, including web copy, social media and online retail websites. The e-commerce has also failed to provide personalized services; it has failed to provide a variety of products and services, styles and prices for different customers segment. Other reasons for failure include; poor user experience, payment gateway issue, poor technology and lack of trust.

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Question 10

The healthcare industry, has conservatively been recognized as having lagged behind others in the use of information systems and information technology, however, this trend is changing at a fast pace and the modern healthcare is embracing mobile computing technology in the surveillance, protection, treatment and rehabilitation of patients. Up-to-date mobile computing technology is a crucial tool that fosters and stimulates progress in health care and significantly reforms current health care practices.  The use of mobile computing has been necessitated by increased hospital competition and congestions in many hospitals.

In the healthcare mobile computing has been used as inform of scientific understanding. This knowledge has concentrated on the investigation and design of broad patient healthcare system. This system consists of two prominent subsystems, which are a computerized patient record system and the mobile computing clinical system.    

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Question 11

This is also known as mobile banking. Today people have embraced technology and are using mobile devices to perform balance checks in their bank accounts, payment of bills, credit applications and other account transactions. This has enhanced efficiency and convenience as anyone owning a mobile phone can access bank services wherever in the world.

Question 12

The accessibility of mobile multimedia or mobile computing has changed consumers’ behaviors. Customers who own smart phones are using these devices as transportable computers rather than just a phone. This has led to a substantial result on purchasing behavior. Mobile computing has also changed on how people are shopping today. It has been established that mobile computing in the current world economy has a direct relationship between manufacturers or businesses and consumers. Today consumers are using mobile computing to exchange views on companies and their products in various formats. Consumers are uploading or are able to read analyses and gather price or product information from the internet using their cell phones while they are directly in the retail outlets.

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Question 13

Although there is no cut out difference between web 1.0 and web 2.0, there is no discrete from one to another , unlike what should be expected from versions of softwares. In actuality, web 2.0 is a terminology that cumulatively describes the variations in how people relate with the web that distinguishes it from the recognized perception of the internet. One the most perceptive feature of web 2.0 is the degree of which information fluctuate. With web 1.0, the information presented on the screen is generally static and the files are only restructured once in a while. With web 2.0, the information is highly dynamic and the frequency that the information is updated is exceptionally fast. Well known sites such as technologies like Syndication and Twitter are excellent examples of how dynamic web 2.0 is. Another difference between web 2.0 and web 1.0 is the flow of information. There is a relatively rigid organization in web 1.0 where web controllers control put up information on their sites, which is then downloaded or viewed by end users. In web 2.0, control is shifted towards the user. This is evident in most of the popular sites like MySpace, Facebook and Orkut. These sites offer their users a blank slate so that users can   design the site to their taste and upload their own content. In general, web 1.0 is typically for browsing content.  

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Question 14

As the internet coverage continues increasing it becomes difficult to differentiate between social network services, blogs, sharing services and websites, because they serve as sources and means of sharing information and that they are all accessed through the internet.

Question 15

The key distinction between enterprise 2.0 and web 2.0 is in the side of that profit from the skill utilization. On one hand, there are applications intended for customers and mostly used by customers or consumers.               

Question 16

This is Extensible Business Reporting Language that is based on computer language. It is used for transmission of financial  and business data. XBRL can help financial organization by enabling them to fully exploit the remunerations of integration and interoperability. It can also be of abundant use because it helps reduce costs involved in the removal and handling of financial data through a variety of technology and applications.











Question 17

Embracing of information technology in capital budgeting process can help in the processing of final records. It can also facilitate calculating of equivalent annuity, modified internal rate of return, net present value and payback period. Information technology will also help in presentation of the capital budget.

Question 18

This is the analysis of the balances and checks or controls in an information technology. IT collects and assesses evidence of a company information system. Another role of information technology is that it is used in identifying whether the information in the system can be disclosed to other users.   

Question 19

Knowledge can be defined as skills and information acquired through experience or education. There are different characteristics of knowledge. Knowledge is not vague; another characteristic of knowledge is that no one can comprehend it. The relationship between knowledge is that it the knowledge request that we impose the accountability for their output on the individual knowledge workers. Knowledge workers have to succeed themselves. Knowledge work requires constant learning on the part of the knowledge worker, as well as continuous training of the knowledge worker himself.

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Question 20

Knowledge capturing and management ensures that employees who are exiting or retiring leave behind the wealth of knowledge and experiences obtained in the company to the existing employees. It normally takes many years to accumulate the wealth of experience and knowledge held by a former employee for those who replace them. A situation is normally unfavorable for most companies. It also important to capture the knowledge since a particular employee might be the only one with specific knowledge about a specific process in the company, which means that in absence the company operation might become stalled.

Question 21

Tacit knowledge is a type of knowledge that is unwritten, unspoken, and is stored in vast storehouse of every human being’s mind.  This type of knowledge is usually based on  emotions, experiences, intuitions, insights, observations that are internalized. Tacit knowledge is usually integral to the wholeness of the person’s consciousness and is usually acquired largely through association and interaction with other people in their profession. On the contrary, explicit knowledge is a type of knowledge that can be codified, articulated and stored in a certain media. It normally includes documents, audio visual, manuals, videos and procedures. Furthermore, product design and art work is viewed as a form of explicit knowledge especially where human skills, knowledge and motives are externalized.

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