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Environmental Conservation

Environmental conservation is an activity that man should increasingly become involved in. People need to conserve the environment in order to avert a looming environmental devastation. There are several threats posed to the environment, which include global warming, pollution of water catchment areas, oil spillage and garbage disposal in water bodies, deforestation, poaching, and land pollution among others. In order to inhibit environmental destruction, such malpractices must be curbed. Symbiotic relationship is necessary if human and environmental systems are to co-exist. This implies relying on one another for equally beneficial purposes. Human beings maintain the environment to sustain diversity and productivity.

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Global warming is an alarming threat posed to the environment. Industrialization has significantly contributed to the lethal gases that pollute the atmosphere. Acid rain comes as a result of chlorofluorocarbons released by industries. Similarly, chlorofluorocarbons destroy the ozone layer allowing ultra violet rays to reach the earth surface. The chain of events thereafter results in global warming. Industries should hold back use of fossil fuels that emit carbon emissions in order to prevent environment degradation. Current transportation infrastructure around the globe also contributes to the pollution of the atmosphere. Vehicles use fuels that emit carbon to the environment. Use of solar panels is eco-friendly and inhibits the risk of global warming. As a source of energy, it is renewable and eco-conservative. The growing need of energy will continually be fed by installation of more solar panels.

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Deforestation is a form of environmental degradation. It occurs when the rate of putting down trees exceeds the rate planting more trees. It has led destruction of natural wildlife habitats over the years. Deforestation accompanies the search of settlement lands. This has lead to the decrease of global forest coverage. Deforestation has interfered with the carbon and nitrogen cycles, and water system. It has negatively affected human and natural system. Cutting down trees, especially around domestic environs, has led to soil erosion. Soil erosion affects soil quality and productivity. Timber is vital for human use in carrying out various activities. Therefore, trees should be cut, and replaced by planting more for future use. Future generations will need trees for timber. Forests will also reduce desertification. All must participate in planting and replacing trees.

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Wildlife species are also part of the environment, and should be considerably conserved. Certain species are endangered. Their habitats are also at risk because of cutting down trees. People poach wild animals in order to obtain certain expensive resources such as tusks, hides, and consumable flesh. Governmental policies and penalties should be enhanced in order to curb poaching. Poachers who lack authorization should be heavily penalized. Lack of habitats and food also facilitates their extinction. Therefore, people should conserve the wild because it is part of a rich biodiversity.

Marine life should be considerably conserved because it is a unique part of the environment. Marine life is polluted by oil spillage from oil rigs and tankers. Oil destroys marine animals because it creates a top layer which impedes supply of oxygen to water. Still, chemicals present in the oil exterminate marine life. They hinder the growth of marine plants such as plankton, which are consumed by marine animals. Industrial discharge should not be direct to seawater because it also destroys marine life. Heavy penalties ought to be imposed on industries that dispose toxic discharge. Water catchment areas need to be conserved to prevent pollution and extinction of rivers. Settlement around these areas causes pollution as chemicals from the farms find their way downstream. More resources should be allocated to environmental sustainability in order to acquire healthy living conditions. Environmental conservation is the only way to avert livelihood calamities and to ensure safe lining conditions for future generations.

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