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 Climates of Daytona and Saskatoon Cities


Canada is one of the regions in the world that has attained high economic, social and political development. However, such tremendous achievement can be attributed to one fundamentally factor; climate. Canada is located at latitude 60 degrees north and 95 degrees west. This is clear an indication that it mainly lies in the northern hemisphere. It is boarded on the east by North Atlantic Ocean and most of its parts on the north boarded by North Pacific Ocean. Within Canada there are many cities but for the purpose of our discussion we would focus on climates of Daytona and Saskatoon cities.

Saskatoon city lies at 52.30 degrees north and 105.90 West in the province of Saskatchewan. It has   an altitude of about 460 metres above the sea level with the lowest point being southland suburb and the highest being at sliver wood area. The region is wholesomely covered with rich potassic soils formed from glacial activities which took place million years ago. The region is less covered with mountains thus forming a topography that is general plain in nature which declines in elevation towards the river. Most of the region is covered with patches of aspen trees which thrive during summer season.

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Climate of Saskatoon can be classified as humid tropical (Sanderson, M., 1999). It has hot summers and cold winters. Summer period starts in mid May to September while winter begins from October to April. In some instances frost action has taken place between June and August due to the effect of latitude. In this period the sun heads towards the equator which  means that winter is yet to start in the northern hemisphere.  During summer the region experience a lot of rain as the warm currents from the ocean carries warm moisture to the land which in turn forms convectional rainfall. The effects of warm currents is that they increase the temperature on the land thus making summer to be hot than other months.

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On the other hand, winters are cold because the trade monsoon winds blow off towards the tropics thus lowering the temperatures. The average temperature of Saskatoon is about 24 degrees annual. In summer the region experiences torrential rain which in most cases is accompanied with strong winds, hailstorms, lightening and even tornados. Sometimes it receives showers in the afternoon which indicates that it receives convectional kind of rainfall.

The elevation of Saskatoon city has an impact on its climate in the sense that an increase in height escalates cold conditions as well as advection of cold air masses hence making it to be dry (Linacre, 1982).

Continentality affects climate in the sense that the warm moist currents from the sea loose the moisture on the way before they reach on the land hence causing no rain. Furthermore, temperature increases from the sea to the land hence seconding the fact that continentality has an effect on climate of Saskatoon city. On the other hand there is a slight difference in terms of climate between the Saskatoon city and Daytona city in Florida.

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Daytona city is located latitude 30 degrees North and latitude 80 degrees west. It lies on the Shore of Atlantic Ocean. In the north it is boarded by Holy hill and Ormond Beach on the south. Daytona city is general hot though out the year with an average of about 45 degrees annual. It has hot and humid summers as well as dry and mild winters. The winters are mild because warm and cold currents converge on the land thus increasing the temperature. In this case blowing currents and winds are normal dry in nature therefore causes no rain in the land.

The trade monsoon winds in this period normally blow from the east to the west thus carrying warm moisture with it. As a result of high temperatures the region has no cases of frost action as compared to Saskatoon city. The region receives convectional kind of rainfall in summer because it lies between 30 degrees north and below. In some occasion it can occur above 60 degrees as in the case of Saskatoon city.

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In summery, it is apparent that continentality, wind movement, ocean currents, and latitude have greater effect on the climate of the two cities.

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