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Global Warming

Global warming is when the temperature rises and has an outcome on the living things on earth. It occurs when greenhouse gases example, carbon dioxide, vapor, water and others fetch in warmth and radiance from the sun in the earth’s environment, which increases the temperature. This hurts many people, animals, and vegetation. Many cannot adapt to a change and they may die. It is extremely crucial that individuals all over the world take the initiative to understand the effects of global warming in order to ensure that this problem does not move forward. (Maslin 2007)

On this essay am going to talk about; the effect of greenhouse, what are greenhouse gases, what does global warming do to the environment and causes of global warming. I will also discuss the effects of global warming, what people are suppose to do to stop global warming, how the government can also assist and any other related item which can help.

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The greenhouse effect is; when the temperature rises because of trapping the sun’s heat and light in the earth’s atmosphere. Example, this is like parking a car out on the sun on an extremely sunny day. The vehicle becomes extremely warm inside. This is because the warmth and light from the sun can go into the car, and the car absorbs a lot of heat. This is how the conservatory cause does to the earth. The warmth and radiance can get through the atmosphere, but it cannot get out. As an outcome, the heat rises.

However, the temperature changes and helps the human beings to live on earth. The greenhouse effect makes the earth appropriated for living things to live in it. without it, the earth would be freezing at night and too hot during the day. It would be cold during the night because the sun would be down and would not trap any heat which would warm the night. During the day, people would be heated because the sun would be too hot with no air to clean it. So inhabitants, animals and vegetation would be uncovered to all the heat and light. Although greenhouse effect help living things to live on earth, if there are too many gases the earth can get warmer causing the living things on it to die.

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Greenhouse gasses: are gasses in the earth’s atmosphere. Too many greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, the earth’s atmosphere will fetch in too much warmth and the earth will become very hot. As a result, human beings and animals would die and the vegetation would dry up because the heat would be too strong for them to survive.

Global warming does so many negative things to the surroundings. Global warming affects many parts of the globe. Global warming makes the sea rise, and when it rises, the water covers numerous low land islands. This becomes a large problem for many of the inhabitants, animals, and vegetation on islands. The water covers the vegetation and causes some of the plants to die. When the pants dry, they will lead to the death of animals who feed on plants. Human beings may also die or be forced to move out of that area because they do not have anything to eat. Global warming is harming many things on earth. Global warming pollution is associated to acid rain. Acid rain is extremely dangerous because it destroys everything it comes across.

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Global warming may be caused by a lot of things. First, global warming may be caused by electrical pollution. Electricity may cause contamination in many habits. Electricity is generated from burnt relic fuels. Relic fuels originate from dead animals and plant. Examples of relic fuels are lubricate and petroleum. Many chemicals that contaminate the surroundings go into the air when fossil fuels are burnt down. These chemicals may be greenhouse gasses. Human beings use these energies more than the less polluting energies thus causing pollution to the atmosphere. Other things that uses energy are: when one is watching TV, heating food using a microwave, washing clothes using an electrical machine and many others. Many people do these things every day thus causing greenhouse gases to be sent to the air.

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Secondly, when one throws away garbage and it becomes full, it is then burned. It produces some greenhouse gases which go to the air and the global warming becomes worse. Another thing that causes global warming is the cutting down of trees. Trees and some plant obtain carbon dioxide which is a conservatory gas. Carbon dioxide is the air that human beings let out when they breathe. After the trees have been cut down, they become fewer. It then becomes hard for people to inhale because there is more CO2 in the air than oxygen, and human beings do not inhale CO2, they inhale oxygen. Plants gather the CO2 that human beings exhale, and they offer back oxygen that human beings inhale. With fewer trees and other plants, there is less air for people, and more greenhouse gases go into the air. This means that it extremely crucial to protect the trees to stop the greenhouse result, and also so that we can have enough air to breathe and live (Maslin 2007)

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Human beings are supposed to do many things so as to prevent global warming. Global warming also does a lot of harm to the environment and human beings as well. People are supposed to minimize use of private cars and use public vehicles while going to work. People are also supposed to share vehicles if they are going to the same destination. This will reduce the petroleum used thus reducing the greenhouse gases. People should also make sure that they switch their computers, TVs and lights off while not in use. Planting trees and recycling of the waste may also help instead of burning it. As a result there will be less greenhouse gases in the air. The sprays which ladies spray them with are also nowadays made with less impact on the atmosphere and thus slow down the global warming. The government is also supposed to make laws to the industries. They are to educate them not to be releasing polluted gas to the environment so as to have fewer greenhouse gases.

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On the other hand, people from the industries are arguing that, they must produce and manufacture their product even if they are polluting the environment. When these industries are releasing greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, they increase global warming. They are arguing that human being lives on the goods and services produced in industries and also they earn their daily bread in these industries. Without these goods and services human beings will have nothing to feed on and they may die.

Global warming affect every living thing on earth and human beings are suppose to try and reduce it in every way possible. They are supposed to reduce the electrical appliances they are using in their homes. I would advise the people not to dump their waste products. They should reduce it and recycle it. Human beings government should also put up a clean air act law so that industries can release less greenhouse gases thus reducing the global warming and in so doing the earth will be a clean place for all living things to live in it.

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