Free «Impacts of Economic Growth on Co2 Emissions» Essay Sample

Impacts of Economic Growth on Co2 Emissions

Q1. Do you think Trinidad and Tobago has a high-environment impact based on the human ecology model where: environment impact equal to pollution *affluence *technology (EI=PxAxT)?

Yes, from the case study, it is proved that Trinidad and Tobago environmental impact is on a rise from the recent past based on the human, ecological model. The rise in population has been related primarily to the labor needs and the commercial development in the plantation economy. It is also evidence in the increasing demand for energy as Trinidad is ranked amongst the top twenty nations for its energy intensity. Moreover, because of the rising need in the use of energy, much pollution is witnessed in the emission of Co2 in the country. They have managed to increase the emission by 79% between 1990 and 2007.

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Q2. Do they have a high or low population when considering they are an island community?

As from the data given and the rate of the economic growth, this island is of a high population. The make-up of the population has been mentioned to be a driving force to the increase in the energy demand in the area. As from the last 10 years, the population has significantly increased. The populated regions are majorly the urban region with a percentage of almost 75%, which is because of government policies, and economic agendas put in place.

Q3. Is technology impact on the atmosphere and global warming evidenced?

Considering other factors like growth in the industry, which has created an impact on the atmosphere and global warming, technology, is one of this factors. The use of technology in various sectors means that much of energy will be in use. Also because of the growth in population in the urban regions, which comes up with urban and industrial development, use of technology will be in a higher demand.

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Q4. How does the technology affect the atmosphere and global warming?

The use of technology in many instances will need the use of energy. Considering that emission of carbon dioxide comes with an intense use of energy, then the use of technology will indirectly emit a lot of carbon dioxide to the environment with eventually lead to global warming. Also for an industrial growth, to be recorded, use of technology is required and because of this, there is the use of energy resulting to emission of Co2 in the atmosphere.

Q5. What path do you think Trinidad and Tobago should take to develop economically as a nation?

Development will never be experience with a high growth in global warming. Therefore, Trinidad and Tobago as an island has to make ways of reducing the rate of carbon dioxide emission of to the environment. This is possible through reduction of the population either through restriction to immigrants or childbirth with will lead to a reduced consumption of energy, which has been a factor to the rising rate of emission. In addition, they can adopt the use of carbon-free energy systems as well as low-carbon fuels especially in manufacturing and processing industries. By adopting these ways as a nation, they will be reducing the expenses, which has been an important determiner in the increase of GDP of the nation.

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