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Plastic Bags

Use of plastic bags causes pollution

Worldwide, billions and billions of bags are consumed annually. Only one percent of these bags are recycled due to prohibitive recycling costs while the rest are usually end up in oceans and lakes through drains and sewerage pipes. Over time, the plastic bags break into more poisonous petro-polymers which eventually contaminate soils and waterways finding their ways into our food chains. Several water bodies have been clogged with plastic bags.

We have the power to ban use of plastic bags

So, what can be done to avoid the above? This is one question that each of us can participate and make positive changes. By using a cloth bag, six plastic bags are saved in just a week and about 22,176 bags in a life time for one person. If only a fifth of the population is involved, 1.33 trillion bags will be saved. Some countries like Bangladesh, China and Rwanda have banned use of plastic bags while several are giving it a thought. Some US cities have also started the trend of banning the use of plastic bags starting with Francisco while Oakland and Boston are considering a ban.  

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Plastic bags’ pollution causes death

The plastic bags fill our lakes, seas and rivers and account for about 10 percent of debris washed up in the US coastline. Over time, plastic bags photo-degrade into smaller and toxic petro-polymers. This contaminates soils and water ways. In this way, microscopic particles enter the food chain and are consumed by wildlife. When humans eat say fish from these contaminated waters, they slowly consume these toxic substances. Later they develop diseases that may lead to death. Birds of the air get terminally entangled and die. Several sea species of the sea die due to consuming plastic bags which they mistake for food.

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