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Career Options

Career option can be defined as the; General course, Profession or Professional achievement, Occupation of person’s working life after going through educational system or training. One’s career option starts to emerge while in training or in class or lecture. Some people are genius in nature thus their career selection depends on their personality and integrity since they are bright and brilliant, others decide depending on what they undergo through during training while others settle on advices from their Parents, Teachers, Lecturers and career advisors and counselors. It is not clear why people go for certain career but generally majority join certain career depending on factors such as ; Objective, critical contact and subjective.

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Teaching is a wide field which is based in the education sector. A teacher is a very important resource in the development of the education sector. A teacher is responsible in showing the right path and providing the right resource to students hence prepares such student for the development of the nation. The teaching profession is based in three parts; grade school, high school and higher education. At every level these profession spans into different areas of research and study which significant in the learning and development of a student. For years teachers have been viewed as individuals who provide a resource which forms the foundation for the development of an individual hence a nation. Indeed that is why teaching has been regarded as the noblest jobs all over the world. To enter the profession you only need to identify your area of study and more importantly have a passion.

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Another interesting profession is a fitness trainer. Due to increased diseases that are caused from lifestyle habits i.e. eating patterns and various types of foods and the need to look more health and fit for our jobs and personal growth there is need for fitness studies and activities. The fitness profession provides the standards and demands that evolve the fitness industry i.e. the recent standards and guidelines, fitness research and activities. With a wide scope on then study on basis physical activities and study of the standards that reflect the American College of Sports Medicine, the fitness profession prescribes. Fitness trainers can take a health and fitness science course in University. As fitness trainer you are needed to prescribe wit the physical Activity Guidelines for Americans and the American Health Association. In America the fitness industry is picking up as a high number of people are hitting gyms and fitness centers o keep in check their health. Therefore the fitness profession is quite rewarding.

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Sports management is quite a rare profession to find in serious colleges and universities. But the recent surge of high valuation of sports activities and endeavors which has evoked a huge marshal and investment of resources. Sports study the art of management of sports stadia, teams and athletic individual managing and administration. Sports managers can also work as team managers, stadia managers, sports development and research managers. A sports manger can take a degree in sports science and management.

Sports management is closely related to the sports Journalism profession. Sports Journalism encompasses much of the media industry i.e. the best of journalism and broadcasting, electronic communication and advertising, marketing and public relations and visual communication. Indeed sports journalism is a wide profession and holds a few professionals from sports marketers, journalists, public relations professionals. Indeed the art that makes sports very popular and interesting is sports journalism hence this profession is a bit more interesting and rewarding. Sport journalists can take a course or a degree in sports mass communication.

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Perhaps the most interesting profession is recreation. Recreation officers are individuals who meet the recreational needs of a particular community or interests. This profession has an educational background in Bachelor of Arts in the management of recreation. Recreation professionals are often found working in recreation centers, management of community projects and in the budgeting and evaluation of recreation projects.It’s a pretty popular profession in America as more individuals are engaged in recreational activities.

In conclusion career is very sensitive aspect in one’s life especially at the early levels of education and training since it widen the horizon of the job market and person future working environment. It is therefore very important for the students and other scholars to be keen in the career options.

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