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Healthcare Management

Implementation of Changes in Treatment Protocols suggested by Clinical Researches

According to Mannion and Goddard (2001), health care institutions rarely implement changes in the treatment protocols despite availability of published data from clinical researches due to a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include incredibility of the data collected, untimely publication of findings of the clinical researches, lack of awareness of information availability, inadequate training and facilitation and lack of adequate supplementary information.

First and foremost, Mannion and Goddard (2001) explain that most medical professionals often doubt the reliability and validity of data collected during clinical researches. Secondly, senior research fellow Russell Mannion and assistant director Maria Goddard elucidate that most data obtained from clinical researches are usually published several years after the actual research studies. This usually results into a time lag, thus reducing credibility and usefulness of the data.

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Thirdly, most medical professions in health care institutions usually lack adequate training and facilitation to smoothen the progress of implementation of various changes suggested by clinical researchers. In addition, most health care institutions usually lack adequate information to supplement or enhance the implementation of changes in the treatment protocols suggested by clinical researches (Davies, 2009; Carey & Lloyd, 2010). This often leads to low rate of adoption of changes in the healthcare systems; thus patients are not able to benefit from the clinical researches adequately.

And, last but not least, Mannion and Goddard (2001) and Kelly (2011) assert that lack of incentives is one of the major factors that inhibit implementation of various changes within healthcare institutions based on the published clinical research data.

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Ensuring that Documented Changes are known and Utilized in a Healthcare Facility

As a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Clinical Medical Officer (CMO) or Clinical Nursing Officer (CNO) in an hospital, I would ensure that important documented changes in state-of-the-art treatment are well known in the institution by creating adequate awareness and educating staff members about the availability and importance of clinical data and documented changes within the health care institution. This would be achieved by conducting regular and continuous trainings and development for staff members.

In order to ensure that the documented changes are properly utilized in the hospital, I would initiate adequate trainings for employees on how to use the documented changes to improve health care services. I would also ensure that staff members in the hospital receive the documented changes at the most appropriate time to facilitate their use and application during patient care decision-making processes.

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So, last but not least, I would introduce an employee reward system to motivate medical professionals in the hospital to maximize use of the documented changes within the hospital. For example, I would introduce incentives, such as pay bonuses and recognition of workers to entice or persuade staff members to fully utilize the documented changes in the state-of-the-art treatment when they make crucial decisions on patient care.

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