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Gaddafi exhibited both eventful and controversial leadership.

 He was a leader who could not manage his ego or his hardiness while using an authoritarian leadership style. The only solution was to stop his leadership. His character can be justified by how he was observed to handle issues. For instance, when the civil war broke out in Libya, Gaddafi used a military leadership style influencing others to accomplish his mission by giving direction to his subordinates. His leadership attributes had been repressive, impulsive as well as unpredictable. On the other hand, the rebels, who established the Transitional National Council, made the situation in Libya to escalate into an armed conflict.

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The New Leadership

The international community including the United Nations joined to resolve the conflict which later authorized a resolution to restore peace in Libya. This was an important solution because it succeeded in ending the authoritative leadership style since this type of leadership lacks creativity in leading people and such a leader makes decisions independently without soliciting for any input from other people. The negative aspect of the dictatorial leadership style is that it is very coercive and controlling to the core. Gaddafi never allowed others to be involved in making national decisions since he relied entirely on his expertise as well as his military experience. In addition, he regarded his thoughts and decisions to be the most accurate.

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The best leadership style that could solve the dilemma in Libya is the democratic leadership style which is a quite open style of managing team members. This is a leadership style which may be used in leading a nation as a dynamic system, where activities can be taken as constant. In a situation where there is conflict in a country, such as that experienced in Libya, this type of leadership provides greater deal of flexibility to come up with better ways of managing the conflict. In addition, this leadership style is able to bring the best out of an experienced as well as a professional team. Therefore, the democratic leadership style is the best tool to manage the situation in Libya because it has a number of advantages. The usage of the democratic leadership styles has a number of advantages and the main benefit is that the team members are motivated and encouraged to share their ideas and thoughts.

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A democratic leader can lead to better ideas and enhance more creative ways to conflict solving. One of the values of democratic leader is that a democratic leader is able to make the team members have a feeling of involvement and commitment to the organizations projects. However, there are various weaknesses of this type of leadership. Even though the writer of the article makes readers understand that the leadership styles of Gaddafi were authoritative; it also had various strengths and weaknesses. For example, the authoritative leaders of the countries seek to subordinate others, demanding submission from their juniors or countrymen. For instance in the case of Gaddafi, he was relying so much on force of personality. This is an important leadership style that should be employed when there is an urgent need to deal with the crisis. In addition, it is also an important leadership style that should be employed in situations when people are not very certain of what they should do by themselves. However, in a feedback analysis of what happened with the supporters of Gaddafi, the followers became more passively aggressive since they believe in a situation where by if Gaddafi wins, they also win. In addition, the autocratic leadership style that was exhibited by Gaddafi could lead into the risk of what is known as Zombie revenges; since the leader is not sensitive to the feelings of other people the resentment arises. The negative side of this type of leadership can lead to the situation when the subordinates function like zombies waiting for their magic time for the autocratic leader to get into trouble so that they start to revenge.

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A good leader is a person who must exhibit self awareness by understanding personal feelings. This helps a leader to have a clear picture of the personal strengths and weaknesses; hence it means having humility. In addition, a good leader should be able to regulate them in an effective way through staying in self control. This can be achieved by understanding personal values, becoming accountable when needed, and practicing how to be calm. On the other hand, the leader should be a motivator who work consistently to achieve his goals. A good leader should also have empathy which is a very critical attribute to managing a successful organization or team. Another intelligence of a good leader is social skills. This can be achieved by learning how to resolve crisis, improving communication skills, and having an understanding of how to praise others. However, Gaddafi never exhibited most of this leadership traits in his leadership skills.

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In solving crisis, it is important to involve and manage cross functional teams because these international teams provide a great advantage by bringing diverse skills of managing conflict. However, the main challenge of involving cross functional teams in such a situation is the development of trust which arises on the basis of the trustor’s personality. In addition, they may exhibit different capabilities, such as training which may lead to the conflict of priorities. Trust is very important in developing leadership, as well as, organizational culture.

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