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Although Apple's repultion satisfactory, but Apple actually has so many negative impacts on employes and environment.

Over the past few years, there has been a rapid growth in the iPhone market. The Apple Company has whipped up a storm of expectations for its new product by the name iPhone. For many individuals, apple is company that has been currently involved itself in producing magic. iPhone normally combine the functions that are mainly performed by the personal digital assistant with those performed by a mobile phone or camera phone.

Unfortunately, iPhone as any other product has a dark side. This product is manufactured by an electronic company known as Foxconn, which is well known for its habit of providing oppressive and poor environment. There is strict quotas and timing for putting together the components of the iPhone. Over the past few years, a number of suicides have been reported from the company. Most of the ones involved include the employees who are used to jumping to their death off of the buildings in the company. In reponse to this routine, the Foxconn company decided to install netting around most of their manufacturing buildings.

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In addition to undesirable working environment, many individuals are normally concerned of the environmental impact that the iPhons have. An iPhone has a lot of toxic components, carcinogens, and rare earth metals. The industrial process that is used in the production of these parts normally releases a lot of dangerous toxin into the environment.

One of the principle environmental concerns in the manufacturing of the iPhone is the mining of the rare earth minerals. The rare earth minerals appear to be an integral part of most modern electronic components. This includes the GPS receivers, circuits, computer processors and LCD screens. The rare earth minerals may be gotten in most parts of the world, but they are found in bulk in China. Most this minerals are normally embedded in small quantities like the natural ore, that usually needs a toxic refining process to come up with a pure product. This process of refining normally dumps many toxic chemicals to the environment.

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The cities that are around these mining areas experiences high rates of cancer and have therefore become known by the Chinese people as cancer cities. While Steve Job’s iPhone company does not pollute the environment directly, part suppliers and the contractors have a very effective environmental impact. A few years when Steve Jobs was contacted regarding the environmental pollution of his product, he never responded. These third party component manufacturers should also be held accountable for their actions.

Everyone should be aware of the side effects that are involved by the use if iPhone. The iPhone users have developed a new habit that is well known as “checking habits”. This is the repetitive check of emails and other applications such as twitter and Facebook. Most people are also involved in the using their iPhones in playing various games that have been installed in the same gadgets. These checks normally last in about thirty seconds but are repeated within ten minutes of each other.

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On average, various people are used to checking their phones about thirty four minutes every single day, not because they had to do that, but because it had become a compulsion or habit. Habitually, checking can be a way for a person to himself from interacting with others. It also assist people from doing the things that they really needed to do. The user has to check them and must maintain their use of the phone on a limit in order to avoid the side effects. The parents should consider guiding their children on how to maintain the iPhone, since the youth are unknowingly being affected y some side effects that are caused by the iPhone.

The iPhone usage also produces radiations that are responsible for some health challenges such as brain cancer, leukemia, skin damage, increased blood pressure, brain cancer, DNA damage, sperm abnormalities, brain damage, reduced fertility, psychological problems, salivary gland cancer and sleep interference.

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Nevertheless, some of measures should be practiced to avoid these side effects. In relation to this, headset or speaker phone should be used whenever possible. A person should also carry his or her phone at least 1 inch from their body. Sleeping while holding the phone near your body should also be avoided. If pregnant, one should avoid carrying a phone next to the abdomen.

When an iPhone breaks down beyond repair, it may be recycled or disposed, disposing it may lead to release of toxic compounds into the soil. These toxic compounds are harmful to the soil. They kill useful organisms that live in soil and cause their extinction. Toxic compounds also get rid of useful nutrients in the soil. This has a negative impact on farming. Crops cannot do well on nutrient-deficient soil. Careless disposing of used phones makes the surrounding dirty and unhealthy. Some of the phone hardware parts can cause physical injury to people. Disposing means not recycling hence further depletion of raw materials from earth’s surface.

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Day after the other, the Smartphone models are combining the functions of media players that are portable, compact digital camera that are compatible, pocket video cameras as well as navigation units of the GPS. They also have a high resolution touch screens and web browsers that can that can properly display and access standard web pages. While Mr. Jobs has passed on, he has left a legacy that will never disappear in the minds of people.

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