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Human Resource Management Practice


Business organizations are important components of any given economy. They largely contribute to the growth of the economy. They do contribute in the growth of any given economy by providing the much need resources in terms of revenues and creation of employment opportunities that are vital in the economy. In order for a business to survive in the current competitive environment it has to ensure that it has embraced specialization as well as division of labor. This can be done through coming up with various departments that will deal with specific issues touching the business. The most important departments that any given business organization should include are: human resource management, finance, accounting, marketing, sales/purchasing and finally the administration department. These sections/departments in a business organization play a major role in improving and increasing efficiency as well as effectiveness in the way the affairs of the business are run (Coro, 2009). Every business is after making profit and in order to achieve this objective the management of the business organization in question must ensure that their customers are satisfied and this can be done effectively through creation of various departments.

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Human beings are the most important asset that a business has. They form the most important component of the business. They create the most important needed workforce to carry out the activities of the business. Management of employees within a business organization determines the level of growth that the business organization will achieve in the long run. Human resource department is concerned with management of employees in an organization. This paper will focus on the human resource management aspect of any given business organization. It will give in detail the role of human resource management within a business environment/business organization.


Human resource management is concerned with recruitment, direction and management of employees within a given business organization. The business owners have to be experts in the area of human resource management for effective and efficient management of the most important component of any given organization that is people. The success of the business largely depends on the way employees are treated. Treatment takes many dimensions which include working environment, reward received from the task given as well as the measures that are in place to ensure there is career development among the employees.

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Human resource management entails development of the human resource strategies that are aimed at dealing with different aspects of employees with a business organization. These strategies aim at coming up with measures that help in improving the employees comfort in the workplace. They include recruitment strategies, placement and induction strategies, training and development strategies, salaries and remuneration strategies and retirement strategies among others.

The human resource management involves formulation of recruitment strategies within the organization. Recruitment is the process by which an organization looks for a qualified candidate who is meant to fill in a certain vacancy/position within the organization. It is the role of human resource experts to develop guidelines that will be followed during the recruitment exercise. In developing these strategies it is important to take into account the human resource needs of the business organization that is in question. The process of recruitment should also be aimed at ensuring that the organization recruits the best candidate.

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The human resource strategies in the area of recruitment are aimed to ensuring that the recruitment exercise is transparent and at the same time the needs of the business are met. Failure to develop good recruitment strategies may be costly to the business as it will end up making the business to recruit wrong candidates for various positions (Michael, 2003). The strategies are aimed at providing guidelines in relation to the sources at which the business organization can get the right candidates who can fit various vacancies.

Another role of human resource management department within a business organization is to develop replacement and work induction strategies. This strategy focuses on the area of placing the new employees to their respective areas of work. On the other hand the induction strategy provides guidelines aimed at helping a new employee comfortably adapt to his/her new place of work. It is the role of human resource managers to ensure that the organization has programs that are aimed at creating conducive working environment for new employees. In most cases the human resource department provides programs that are aimed at ensuring that the new employees adapt fast in their new work environment, for example they may develop training programs aimed at informing the new employees what is expected of them in their areas of work. The placement and induction strategies are very crucial for the business organization as they reduce high turnover rates of employees and improve level of satisfaction among employees.

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With the new changes in the business world there is continuous need to upgrade the existing systems within an organization within an aim of gaining competitive advantages over other businesses. This means that the business organization will be carrying out training and development programs that are aimed at equipping the employees with knowledge and skills needed to use the new machines and equipment within the organization. It is up to the human resource management experts within the business organization to work out training and development programs for the organization.

The training and development strategies are crucial as the help any business organization to continually meet its human capital need. These strategies provide guidelines on how the organization will be availing career development program to its employees as well as those programs aimed at enhancing the employee’s skills from time to time. Human resource management plays a crucial role when it comes to matter of developing the career of any individual within a business organization. It is the dream of every employee that his/her efforts may be recognized and rewarded. It is the role of training and development strategies to ensure that the employees achieve their career dreams.

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The skills, knowledge and experience of the employees have to be recognized. It is the role of human resource management experts within a business organization to come up with salaries and remuneration strategies that aim at rewarding and recognizing the outstanding input of the employees. The key area that the salary and remunerations strategies should focus in is enhancing equity and transparency in the reward system within any given organization. This will ensure that there is harmony in the way employees are treated and rewarded at different levels of operations. Failure to come up with a comprehensive salary and remuneration packages will lead to dissatisfaction among the employees. This may lead to high turnovers among the employees as well as low productivity which may have a negative impact on the organization’s long term goals.

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It is also the role of human resource management experts to come up with programs that are aimed at enhancing communication among employees at different levels within an organization. Communication is one of the most important elements within a business organization. It is up to human resource department to develop communication channels through which employees can air their grievances.

Therefore, it is the role of human resource department to ensure that the efforts of all employees are recognized and that they are also fairly rewarded.  Some of the strategies that human resource experts may elaborate include in service training programs, promotions, salary increment programs and holidays among others.

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Finally the human resource management department plays a vital role in any given organization. It is mandated with the role of coming up with retirement packages of the organization. It is these strategies that define the age at which an employee is expected to retire from his/her duties and the type of reward that one is going to get at the retirement among others.


Human resource management is one of the most important aspects of the business organization that deals with people within an organization. It plays one of the most crucial roles of ensuring that human capital within the organization is well managed so that the organization can reap maximum benefits. It also aims at ensuring that people within the organization are satisfied with their work by ensuring that the working conditions are friendly as well as reward packages are fair. Human resource department has employees’ experts in the area of managing human capital with an aim of developing strategies of enhancing equity and fairness within the organization.

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In conclusion it is up to each and every business organization to develop human resource department and to deal with issues relating to human capital.

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