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Variability is any deviation from the optimum process, it comes from any drawings that may be incomplete or any specifications that are inaccurate. Production processes that are poor also may lead to variability since they result to inaccurate quantities and units that do not add up. Consumer demands that are not known and production personnel that try to produce goods before the drawings and specifications are done may also give rise to variability.

Why is variability bad

Variability is mostly hidden in inventory and this makes it difficult for it to be recognized in time so as to be eliminated. Variability may lead to defective products and this contributes to waste this way the company incurs losses due to variability. It makes products to be of poor quality that will eventually bring losses to the company. When variability exists it reduces performance and this reflects negatively on the company’s side.

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Variability in a manufacturing industry that runs for a whole week will eventually lead to delays in filling customer’s orders and this does not look good from a customer service stand point. In the long run, it makes manufacturing cycle time to be very long and this may lead to delays. Variability is bad and should be eliminated as fast as possible to help in producing goods that are of high quality and those that will satisfy the customer’s demands. The JIT systems may not eliminate all the variability but when it is controlled, waste is also reduced which reduces costs on the company’s side hence a great success for the company at large.

What type variability is removed by JIT SYSTEMS?

Variability is removed in a JIT system by being identified and attacked systematically wherever it has occurred. Variability that is being attacked by the JIT systems is both internal and external. External factors that cause variability include machines, drawing materials, employees themselves, suppliers and customers as well.

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