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Five Guys is a Big Success

How five guy’s philosophy sets it apart from other fast food chains

In the recent past, there has been a stiff competition in the fast food industry with chains coming u all over. Five guys has commonly become people’s choice and is best known for its sumptuous burgers. Five guys have ensured that their customers get the best burgers there is and the best services. It is commonly known as a fast casual restaurant and this has greatly set itself apart from the others, their services are quick just as the industry’s philosophy suggests. Five guys started in out in Alexandria and because it puts the needs of the customers first, it is dedicated to want to give better services and to a greater multitude hence has expanded over the years with over 918 stores in America, (Brien,2011).

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This way, it can reach a greater multitude and have more outlets. In addition, its unique toppings with out of this world burger combination that are over 250,000 set them apart from other fast food chains and it’s in a league of its own. This is what that makes the customers coming back after first attempting their cuisine. Another thing that sets five guys’ apart, it’s the family atmosphere it has and it’s a good eating place for the whole family. The employees are also enthusiastic with lots of energy and this is good for their customer service. They have online addresses where you can reach them and make an order if you encounter their busy telephone calls because of the great overwhelming customers they have.

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This sets them apart since they respond to as many customers as possible without letting others slip away and never to come back. The burger is custom made as you can make whatever you want out of the burger due to their variety of toppings that are available. It is a good place to be for anyone looking for a break from monotony of the previously set up fast food joints such as IN and OUT, (McConnell, 2012).

The original values of Five guys and how they have stuck to those values over the years. Five guys were started up by brothers who opted to start a fast food rather than go to college. To them family is important and overtime, they have ensured five guys to be all about family. Their chains of restaurant have a good setting for family dinners and their menus are simple so as to accommodate the young ones in the family when they go out to eat. There are also family offers of burgers and fries to able sharing and having a good time which is what family is all about.

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Their original values were to ensure that they bring fast food joints near people’s places hence the expansion and the large number of outlets. To this day they have continued to open new joints whenever possible so as individuals in almost all the cities in America have the unique burger experience.

Remarkable customer service was part and parcel of the start up company’s values and all the joints have tried their best to ensure that all the outlets have great customer service whereby individuals leave the place wanting to come back the next day.

Additionally, most fast food is all about fatty foods, Five guys have ensured at least their burgers give the customer a healthy fill by ensuring those that have issues with the fats get a good treat of healthy toppings including vegetables. This way people can enjoy fast foods without thinking of their weight and health related illnesses any time the have a taste of the burgers, (5 reasons why Five guys is a big success, 2010)

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Factors that have contributed greatly to the success of five guys

Quality of product

They have invested heavily on the quality of their burgers where they toast their burgers in a grill and their beef is lean. They take a lot of time making sure that their burgers turn out to be the best there is. External market forces affected the quality sometimes since the high rise in food prices may have influence the quantity of their lean meat in beef burgers.


Thy believe that the best sales man will be your customer hence to invest heavily on the quality of food rather than expensive décor since they customer will go out there and praise your food and your restaurant will be flooded with new customers. External market forces have influenced their number of customers since there is stiff competition in the industry and other fast food outlets may also satisfy the same customers.

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Employee motivation

Five guys have invested heavily on employee motivation. Unlike other companies that put at least 5%to marketing and advertising, for them 5% of their revenues goes a long way to motivate their employees with tokens and salary increments every now and then. They believe that a happy and satisfied employee equals to a happy and satisfied customer. The down turn in the economy has caused them to cut own on the amount of revenue spent on employee motivation and some of the employees may not take it lightly hence might transfer the negative energy to the customers, (Five guys burgers and fries, 2008).

Ethical and social practices are part of Five guys’ culture

Five guys have ensured that the customers get value for their money and not over charge the customers for standard quality hence their variety of toppings and other unique burger combinations so as to get a feel of their money. Donating to charity is part and parcel of five guys and they consider that as giving back to society for believing in them.

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Five guys have come a long way since the 1980s and with the zeal, commitment and ambition they have, they are definitely going places. When they first started out and people used to ask for coffee and they were like why not? Hence they started coffee serving too, this clearly shows how customer oriented they were.

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