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Project Concept and Strategy

Success of the project is based entirely on the management concept and skills employed. Therefore, it is important that one studies the process of project management carefully and implements every stage so as the project to be successful. To address the project management issues much more we should look at an example in  The company involved is called Custom Woodworking Company and is owned by Ron Carpenter. The company initiated an expansion project, which later, in one way or the other, became unsuccessful. The project’s name is Woody 2000 in respect to the founder and owner of the company. The following are the answers to some questions that will guide us in understanding the project initiation and selection issues (Max’s, n.a).

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Project Selection

The first question asked, if the Woody 2000 project well conceived. Yes, the project was well conceived. The project resulted from the conception of relocating production to another place as depicted in the opportunity section. The project, which was to be set at the Southwestern BC, was well conceived but then the management decided otherwise to build it on the current location. The specifications remained to expand to a modern computer automated facility production unit. The project concept involved “semi-automatic woodworking production train” and “compressor” which could make production much faster, affordable and simpler. This was a well-conceived idea that was to increase the production level and computerize the production activities for a better evaluation. The project also involved bettering the working and production environment by installing air-conditioning and dust free paint. This could help motivate employees and reduce servicing and cleaning costs (Project Origination, 2002).

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Project Objectives

The second question is what were the Woody's real objectives that could and should have been articulated? The project initial was conceived in a well manner. Woody’s project problem started upon design and construction. The initial objectives of the project were to construct a new production extension with modern automated machines. These objectives could have been initiated with special attention put planning and design. Choosing a construction company, which had subjective knowledge in modern production machines could have been a better start. In case Woods chose IED on the basis that it fits the budget and had reputation in construction not that it fits the project’s expansion ideals. Secondly, the Wood’s objectives on subcontract work should have been articulated. In effect of changing the production specification, there was a short change in creation of the production software. It was the initial objective of the company to subcontract the work due to high production, a better idea. Miles Faster should have followed procedures and inform other project players so that every change may be evaluated and better software created. The change added the construction workload and increased the project period (Max’s, n.a).

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Again, the management should have ensured that the project period is achieved by ensuring that various issues were addressed earlier. Completion of planning was to be effected three months before completion of the project and plans for EID to acquire an occupation certificate be discussed at the same time.

The third question addressed strategies on achieving the project objectives and any personal recommendations. In choosing better construction company should be evaluated all perspectives and basis of expansion and used the same factors to choose better constructing company. John Carpenter had initially introduced subcontracting of work to achieve high productions. Hence, the recommendation by IED for the company to take the offer of the procurement services even if the good ones was wrong and could have waited to be initiated later (Project Initiation, 2002).

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The period for the project was eighteen months but the project took more than that period resulting to loss of production time and clients. The required steps and procedures should have been followed so that all the requirements effected for the completion of the project.

In addressing the project challenges, the company retorted to various solutions. Desperate to market the company products, Even Sharpe launched high profiled promotional and advertisement campaign, which later has never given much positive results. Also in an effort to make the project operational, the company took credit.

Another solution was by the President to conduct a post project appraisal in order to discover where problems started and where they were. The company offered the opportunity never discover much from workers and top employees who never wanted to disclose all their documents for evaluation purposes. However, it managed to retrieve much information from key players.

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Project Measurement

Measuring success of the project is very challenging issue, especially when the project faces serious challenges. The Woody 2000 project was unsuccessful. Measuring success of the project is based on three assumptions and factors. First, you should ask whether the objectives of the project were met or what percentage was met. According to the project Woody 2000, less than 50% of the objectives were met; it violated the schedule, went above the budget and has never been fully functional (Kerzner, 2009).

Secondly, enquire if the project brought any revenue after its completion. This can be done by initiating a cost-benefit analysis on the project. The case study project has never increased revenue, rather upon its completion the market had changed and there was an oversupply of commercial space, typically never returning any initiation revenue. A project can also be measured by initiating a Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) analysis.

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Lastly is evaluating the project success period. The common stage to measure the project success is the initiation stage. In this stage, you can determine whether the project will be able to bring the expected revenue, also affirm the objectives it was meant to meet.

Project Scope

In the project scope we will look at the reasons for renovation of the President and Executive Vice President’s offices. It was part of an incentive to the top management of the company. In addition, it was meant to be an additional negotiation with a probable construction company (Choudhury, 1988).

In defining whether it was a good idea or not, the supposed reason for the renovations should first be identified. If the reason to renovate the offices was pure, motivational then it could not be a good idea. It was an expansion project hence renovations would increase the project costs. On the other hand, if it was part of the expansion program then it could be a good idea. Below is a simple project scope.

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Simple Project Scope

Project Title: Library for Lower grade Children.

Date: May 23, 2012.

Prepared by: Yvette Martells.

Project Justification: Dallas Union Elementally Principle directed that the library should be constructed for pre-school and lower grade children. There is current need for child development materials and books for teachers, children and parents. In addition, preschool library will have any other materials that can be used in teaching preschools. This will improve and make simpler the teaching of children.

Project requirements

Books, Physical, Librarian, Activity materials, Computers and Shelves

The project will take six months to complete with a budget of an average $20,000. The local book-publishing firm will sponsor the project.

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From the above review of Woody 2000 project and specifications of a simple project scope, we realize that projects can fail due to improper project management techniques. It is essential to evaluate the benefit and success of the project before embarking the one. Sometimes a project turns to be unsuccessful as it may seem. Incidentally, various project measurement analysis and activities should be undertaken to ensure that the project could be successful or not.

All the steps and objectives of the project should be designed carefully and followed to the latter to ensure that there is consistency and success. In addition, project selection and initiation are the most critical stages of a project; hence, much effort and observation should be put on them.

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