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Behavior and Teamwork


In the recent past the world of organizations has tremendously improved with the knowledge of people’s/employees’ behavior in workplace. This has been made possible by understanding of various theories given by experts in this sector. Some of these theories include the need theory, Theory X and Theory Y, equity theory among others. In this work I am going to concentrate much on the McGregor's XY Theory. You find that there are many times when organizations fail to achieve their goals, not because they are not capable but because the employees are not working towards the same and this are because of lack of satisfying job environment, ( Motivation and Motivation Theory, n.a). Let’s look at the practical thing using an example.

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According to McGregor working with employees who lie under Theory X are the best thing and this way you can easily achieve your goals as an organization, though sometimes you find yourself working with the Theory Y people. Regardless of the kind of people you are working with you can still achieve your goals according to Herzberg’s need and hygiene Theories. He looks at various hygiene, which motivates employees to work harder in the job environment. One of them is salary and relationship. The more the salary is the more motivation is and the better the relationship is in the job environment the better the working conditions are and thus the organization’s goals are likely to be achieved. The manager should look at the satisfaction of the employees in the job environment with a lot of concern if he has to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives. When recruiting new employees the consideration whether the person is a Theory X or Theory Y should be made, (McNerney, 1996).

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This will enhance the organization achieving its goals and objectives since it will not have to push the employees to do the right thing. It will have many or all the employees as those who are under Theory X, (Chapman, n.d).

As said above, for the management of the organization to be a success, the situation that the organization is in should be put in consideration at all times. This will help the decision making process easy and appropriate decisions will be made. For instance, it should consider the type of employees it has before giving them duties and responsibilities, (Chapman, n.d). If, for instance, the company finds out that it has employees under Theory Y, it may come up with motivations to employees to help them be active and work towards achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives.

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McGregor Douglas talks of two theories which include Theory X and Theory Y. Theory X includes the people who don’t have to be followed up to do something, the working spirit is always in them and many managers would prefer to work with such people. On the other hand, Theory Y includes people who have to be pushed to do anything and many managers would not like to work with such people, (Chapman, n.d).

I would say that it is possible to achieve the goals and objectives of the company when working with any of the above. I admit that working with people who lies under Theory X is easy and fun, too, but at times it makes the managers have extra trust on them and forget that they are human, too and they can make mistakes. This has made many organizations fail to achieve their goals and objectives in many cases. Even if you, as a manager, know that your employees do not have to be followed up, you need to be constantly checking on what they are doing just to confirm they are always doing the right thing. This will enable you to have no doubts in the expected results, (Bailey, 2008).

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On the other hand, I consider working with people who lies under Theory Y as an advantage, too. This is only when you as the manager know that your employees lie under Theory Y. This will make you work extra-hard to motivate them and to make them active. You will never leave a task to be done fully by them and you will be more cautious with their work. This will eradicate chances for mistakes and you will be more likely at the position to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives. This is the wish of any organization and thus, if working with such employees, their satisfaction should be given much attention, (Allen, 1998).


In conclusion, achievement of the organization’s goals is the main business of any organization. Employees are the main subject in this and they can make the organization achieve or not achieve its goals. The employees therefore should be taken with a lot of concern by the organization’s management team. Theories like the Douglas McGregor’s XY theory should be used. It should be made clear all the time that employees’ satisfaction in the job environment is the organization’s first priority when it comes to the employees’ welfare. This way the organization can achieve its goals and objectives easily. It is therefore the duty of the management team of any organization to decide whether or not it will achieve its goals and objectives.

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