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Career choice! In the modern society education has been credited and designed has a major foundation for any individual. Education is a tool that has fed men insatiable knowledge which has seen man create and invent the world further. Hence when a child reaches the age of going to school and matured there one question which always prevails, “Who do you want to be?” Indeed that question is repeated through high school until college. Sometimes you may get an answer at an earlier stage and sometimes later in High school or when joining college. Indeed it is an issue that has raised popular and unpopular reactions from the society with a number of career counselors and scholars writing books and inspirations in career planning, choice and development. In defining a career, Duane Brown, 2002 stated that a career is a personal occupational pursuit or profession. In his book “Career Choice and Development” he depicts a theory that has pushed men to choose their careers. His approach defines the complexity of interpersonal traits and expected interpersonal interactions of a person as the factors that define a person’s career. Therefore personal environment, interactions and expectations are integral in a person’s career choice. These factors have led me my present career choice. There is much which pushed me to this choice, much that makes me believe that Accounting is my field, (Brown, 2002).

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About Accounting

The first step to take when identifying a suitable and manageable personal career is analyzing your interests and capabilities. Accounting is a field under the department of accounting and finance and it’s a course that is built in a business environment. As a high school student I identified that I fancied a lot business art and accounting. My performance was great and my interests positive. Indeed accounting was within my capability and interests hence suitable for advancement. The career is one of the pivotal and important in the modern business environment, even a science one. Every organization in one way or another is boosted by funds or money; hence there is need for budgeting and accounting of the finances. That is where accounting comes in. The MacMillan Dictionary defines accounting as the systematic process to record, report and analyze business financial transactions, (Ried, 2006)

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Particulars for Accounting

Accounting is the most notable and ethical profession all over the world. It’s a profession which requires high level of integrity and professional realities hence upon deciding to pursue the course one will be on the way to start a hard and interesting career journey.  It is a field that is built on a high level of professionalism and ethical standards. Therefore top of the list of the requirements for this field is the ability to uphold ethical standards and achieve professionalism. Accounting practice is regulated by the codes and ethics for Accountants law that is well spelt by the English common laws and many other countries, (Newman, 2009). When a person is given an opportunity to audit, account, budget and keep financial transactions of a company that will a huge task that is tempting and requires high level of ethical standards. The major duty of an accountant is to determine the financial position and progress of a company hence he should be able to report or not engage in any kind of funds misuse, incorrect financial data presentation, fraud and exaggeration of business revenue. He should be independent and honest at all times, (Pendergrass, 2008).

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Secondly is the ability to observe the accounting policies, methods and current trends. This is a matter of skill whereby as an accounting student, one should be able to master and follow accounting policies and methods that are prevalent in the development of the career. Hence school work should be able to be taken seriously and students are to be undertaken in a practical and theoretical process which will be able to prepare him well. Initially, before choosing this career, one should be able to measure up his/her capabilities and interests on the fields for easier sailing. One should be able also to subscribe the accounting magazines and journals now and again so as to be updated with the current trends in the field. Intelligence is essential in building an accounting career, being ahead of others in technology and accounting changes is important, (Saudagaran, 2009).

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Accounting is not an easy profession. It requires substantial amount of psychological and social involvement. As an accounting student, you should be ready to dedicate your mind and thought to your career so has to be able to manage it. Apart from psychological involvement, accounting principles and practices are changing now and again hence one should be able to change with it. Accuracy, relevance and consistency are some of the values that one needs to develop in this career. Accounting is a wide field; currently more than 70% of company operations involve financial transactions hence an accountant should at his toes to ensure that all the transactions are recorded accurately, analyzed consistently and reported in a relevance manner, (Felix, 1982).

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Obviously academically one should be able to excel well in business mathematics, general business studies, finance and a little bit of bookkeeping. Accounting is built on the basics of reporting and analyzing financial transactions hen e a clear understanding of the financial transactions is mandatory. Also math is a basic ingredient has it involves a great deal of financial data and data analysis.


The accounting profession is one of the most intriguing and interesting fields in the business industry. One has to be able to understand and follow all the guidelines and principles very well so as to ensure a successful practice. High level of relevance and accuracy are the foundations of this career. Professionalism and ethics cover principles of accounting with necessities for honesty and integrity.

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Indeed being an accountant is perfect opportunity. To be able to record and analyze the financial transactions, then report the transactions is a wonderful task. Careers that are related to accounting are Auditing, budgeting, bookkeeping and general ledger accounting.

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