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Jaws and the Growth Machine Participation Assignment

Tourism is a considerable element in the economic life of large urban cities that attract millions of tourists and financial resources for their further development. Therefore, natural or human catastrophes or threats, e.g. earthquakes, tsunamis, terrorist attacks and others, are often put into question safety of people that live in that urban area either permanently or temporarily. Hence, government and political authorities are developing and implementing measures to provide security to citizens and foreigners in various situations.

Even though there are not much guidelines developed for the public authorities that would describe course of actions in the unexpected situations, certain studies have developed measures and general approaches to tourism threats and ways of costless recovery from them (Prideaux 477).

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An increasing number of natural and human catastrophes, that a lot of large urban cities have faced recently, has caused development of the disaster management planning studies and research in order to prevent and eliminate consequences of further catastrophes in cities. Big cities are targeted to foster their economic and social development. Tourism plays a vital and crucial role in the latter. Therefore, politicians have focused their attention to the development of sustainable and consistent

Big urban cities are vulnerable to the terrorist attacks (Faulkner 332). It can be explained by the visibility of big cities in the means of mass communications. This emphasizes additional need in the attention of politicians towards big cities and their security.

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According to the research exercised by Faulkner, there is a developed comprehensive approach that describes steps of the community set of actions and an original framework for the disaster strategies management in the tourist industry. He presents an approach that includes 5 major phases in the disaster process management. They include pre-event control, disaster imminent management, emergency control, intermediate and long term recovery. Every phase is connected with elements of the disaster response management. They include percussion, followed by mobilization and action. Recovery, urban reconstruction, and reassessment with final review of the process conclude the overall tourist disaster management.

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Elements in the framework of Faulkner’s study are immediately related with risk assessment and knowledge management, audit of community capability, and disaster management command centre. Also they are connected with monitoring activities and media outreach, warning systems, as well as involvement of education and flexibility in the tourist system.

Another approach is suggested by Ritchie (269). He considers that in the crisis situations, strategic approach as well as disaster management in both private and public sectors should include strategic analysis of the situation, direction and choice of actions, implementation of the strategy and, finally, evaluation of the disaster management process.

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To sum up, it should be noted that tourism is a considerable element in the economic and social life of big urban cities. They attract a lot of tourists along with financial resources and prosperity. However, at the same time, people in big cities are threatened by both natural and human catastrophes including earthquakes and terrorist attacks. Therefore, in order to secure sustainable economic growth and social security, local urban governments and politicians are devoting efforts towards the establishment of the safe urban environment for local and foreign city dwellers. Achievement of the latter is attained with the help of various approaches of preventive and effective disaster management planning.

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