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CSR & Ethics in Practice: Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Company

Microsoft Corporation is well known as a technology company. Microsoft has the largest number of software innovations that have ever existed in the market. Since the organization was founded in 1975 by Paul Allen and Bill Gates, it has never lost its prestige (Microsoft, 2017). Further, this organization has its branches in more than 200 countries of the world (Microsoft, 2017). The company is recognized as a monopoly company in the market of software. The values and mission statement of the corporation entail creating high-quality software for the private individuals and public companies doing businesses globally to help them realize their full potential. The company licenses the development and also supports different good quality software services, products, and devices through franchising (Microsoft, 2017). It offers numerous products such as operating systems, server applications, software development, and server management tools just to mention a few. The firm also manufactures designs and sells devices such as personal computers, tablets, and phones. Microsoft Corporation is world famous for its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) such as serving the communities through youth empowerment and assisting nonprofits organizations (Microsoft, 2017). The corporation also observes the code of ethics in its daily performance. Thus, regarding the level of success and revenue of the corporation, the CSR activities practiced in the company and measures taken to ensure to encourage ethical behavior, which definitely contribute to the organization’s profitability, are worth a closer inspection.

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CSR Activities at Microsoft Corporation

At Microsoft Corporation, the business practices and policies reflect how the company is committed to making the world a better place (Microsoft, 2015). This commitment is the reason why the employees willingly report to work every day thus tremendously impacting the types of services and products the company develops. The organization is also actively engaged in addressing social, economic, and environmental issues in today’s world. Microsoft participates in a diverse range of CSR programs which are guided by the company’s mission aimed at citizenship support, serving people’s needs globally, and fulfilling its responsibility to the community (Microsoft, 2015). Microsoft Corporation contributes positively to the community by catering for them through the use of the organization's skills and technological innovations. The help comes in different ways, for instance, supporting schools and the young talented individuals in particular, working with nonprofits, and building a sustainable environment.

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One of the CSR activities is empowerment of the youth (Microsoft, 2015). The corporation has it own initiative by the name YouthSpark which connects millions of young people globally. Besides, it also provides the youths with opportunities such as employment, education, and entrepreneurship. In the year 2012, the program brought over 350,000 students from over 260 countries and regions together to take part in the world’s biggest technology competition (Microsoft, 2015). In this event, youngsters from different walks of life showcased their skills in solving the problems challenging the globe. Such competitions are great motivators for the young gifted individuals since they provide platforms for show their talents globally and simultaneously enhance the technological advancement of the planet.

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Another CSR activity is the empowering of nonprofit organizations. The corporation actively supports such facilities in doing more good for the humanity. Microsoft has always been proud to work with over 50,000 nonprofit organizations globally by supporting their undertakings and assisting them in becoming more efficient, innovative, and effective (Microsoft, 2015). Through its software and donation solutions, the corporation strives for helping nonprofits in achieving their great deeds. One of the biggest problems that these organizations experience is raising funds for the betterment and upgrade of its primary processes. Evidently, such institutions require powerful tools to keep progressing. Thus, this is where Microsoft Corporation comes in handy to help them have easy access to technology for serving communities with greater ease. In addition to the issues mentioned above, Microsoft also offers technological process solutions to the nonprofit organizations in efforts to make them reach out to the individuals in need effectively and efficiently.

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When it comes to the environment, Microsoft is committed towards a sustainable future. The corporation foresees certain unhealthy world trends whereby innovations could help people make use of clean energy technologies and as such achieve sustainable life and economic growth. Thus, Microsoft is focused on taking responsibilities towards ensuring a green environment (Microsoft, 2015). The corporation is working intensively towards making a transition to clean energy infrastructure and is constantly looking for possible ways to increase energy efficiency across its supply chain and other related facilities as well. Microsoft commitment towards environmental sustainability touches on each aspect of the company’s operation. In fact, 44% of the electricity consumed by the corporate data centers comes from solar, wind, and hydropower electricity (Microsoft, 2015).

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Microsoft Code of Ethics and the Measures the Company Is Currently Using to Encourage Ethical Behavior

Numerous codes of ethics govern Microsoft Corporation. The company recognizes that its computer software products are always protected by various intellectual property treaties and laws (Alves, 2015). For this reason, unauthorized distribution, copying, and use of computer software are unethical, illegal, and definitely against the company’s principles. Thus, the corporation denounces such activities, hence taking an ideal measure such as the failure to tolerate or engage in any form of distribution, copying, and use of computer software without licensing.

Another peculiarity is that Microsoft builds trust by making choices that are also ethical (Alves, 2015). The company is moving towards integrity, principled behavior, and honesty in all their dealings. As a result, this sustains long-term partnership with the corporate shareholders. Further, it also helps in maintaining checks and balances, fosters responsible decision-making, and encourages accountability. Due to these measures, the company has gone forward in promoting ethical practices and in 2015 was listed as the most Ethical Company in the US. It is important to know that Microsoft Board of Directors approves all Microsoft's ethical standards (Alves, 2015). For this reason, all the ethical principles and requirements apply to any officer and employee of the corporation without exceptions. In efforts to ensure that all the standards are followed without mistakes, all staff at the company must complete an annual training in the business ethics conduct. The training creates awareness on the company’s policies as well as the ethical behavior expected while working at the corporation.

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Microsoft Corporation is a corruption free zone. By all means, the company does not encourage any acts of fraud. Through various measures, the company forbids corruption and payments of kickbacks or bribes of any kind (Alves, 2015). Thus, every stakeholder and employee of the company ought to show a strong commitment by observing the standards of conduct, anti-money laundering compliance, and anti-corruption laws in all countries where the corporation operates.

When it comes to the hiring process, corrective measures have been put in place as well. The entire process is free from any acts of discrimination. This corporation has a unique ethical way of hiring its employees. The procedure is well known as Microsoft Interview (Alves, 2015). The company is world famous for its developer-centric business culture. It invests a lot of money and time into recruiting young university-trained software developers who end up being retained in the company. The trainees gain significant experience by working in one of the biggest IT companies worldwide. Besides, they are recruited into different research groups that deal intensively and extensively with the development of various kinds of software (Alves, 2015). Once a trainee understands how their system works, they are employed fully.

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In conclusion, the Microsoft CSR & ethical policies are well presented on the company’s website. There, all the information concerning the CSR programs is outlined in a concise but clear way. Microsoft Corporation is considered as one of the companies with the best ethical practices. Further, the corporation engages in numerous CSR activities which have been of much help to the communities at large. Some of the activities include youth empowerment, supporting nonprofit organizations, and promoting a sustainable environment. Some of the ethical practices the corporation strongly observes include upholding trust, integrity, free and fair hiring process, in addition to being a corruption-free zone.

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