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Management: Training and Internal Politics

1. Training is one of the most appropriate ways of the company’s development. It helps to obtain a team of professionals out of the existing number of employees. It is a fact that this element is a lever of the whole team’s performance. There are several factors, which magnify the need for training. First, the company should focus on technological innovations. It is impossible to penetrate the innovative activity without trainings applied to the employees. Secondly, it is important to remember that effective trainings encourage employee retention strategies and help the company to grow in a business entity operating on the global level. Retention is a required element in the company’s performance as long as it essentially reduces the level of employee turnover. Thirdly, another factor focuses on the organization’s need to develop skills and experience of the employees in order to follow the tendencies of the business environment. Finally, the last factor encourages trainings as an option aimed to promote the company’s growth through the length of trainings. It is a fact that trainings help to move to another level of development and reach strategic and tactic goals faster.

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2. Training is an essential part of the development of any company. Industry training is a significant element of the company’s performance in terms of competition as long as it provides the company with additional competitive benefits. These benefits formulate themselves through the diversity of trainings, which are available for the company’s employees. Depending on the type of the training, it is possible to develop a specific competitive benefit bringing the company to the new level of evolution. Job training is aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of employees. It may focus on the process of production, design of the machine, or methods, which should be used to operate a machine in a proper way. Safety training is another part of the industry trainings, which helps to minimize and avoid accidents and the damage of the machines. Promotional training is an element, which helps employees move up the career ladder thanks to the development of leadership skills. Remedial training helps to avoid inappropriate application of skills and knowledge, which damages the company’s performance due to specific behavior of the employees. Finally, internship training provides employees with priceless experience, which becomes an essential part in the regulation of the company’s development.

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3. Internal politics formulates a significant part of the company’s organizational behavior. This factor determines the company’s position and its internal atmosphere, which has a direct influence on the working environment. Internal politics includes not only organizational structure and job descriptions, but also principles of discipline. Employees should know their place in the organization and follow the standards and principles of a successful performance. The patterns of the organizational behavior help employees to follow a set of rules. Discipline becomes a regulator of the quality of all processes. If employees follow the set of standards, they perform at high level and there is no need to fix mistakes of the performance due to their absence. Internal environment builds itself on the platform of standards and rules. It is surprising how internal environment depends on clear vision of a role and responsibilities of every employee. In general, it is possible to claim that every employee should know his place, role and responsibilities, which will help to create a systematic approach towards successful implementation of any plan. It is important to mention that the company’s strategic success depends on the coordination of the employees’ performance with discipline and principles of the performance common for every employee.

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4. Negativity is a part of any working process. It is impossible to find a company, which did not face negativity from its employees. Negativity comes when employees are not willing to accept changes, which the company wants to make, and they have no fear of voicing their negative response and denial. There is a huge negative impact of change resistance, which hampers the company’s evolution. It takes place as long as employees are used to the certain mode of the performance and are not willing to accept changes. In fact, it is possible to fight change resistance applying appropriate techniques. First, it is important to take the negativity in person. It is the company’s responsibility to explain its employees the essence of changes. Top management should have meetings and personal conversations helping to explain the need for change. In addition, it will remove communication barriers and will set the tone for further integration in the process of change. Finally, it is important to avoid emotional tension in the team of employees (Goetsch, Davis, & Goetsch, 2010). Negativity among employees is unacceptable as it promotes inappropriate working conditions. It is top-management’s responsibility to apply specific measures aimed at elimination of negativity through the myriad of personal conversations.

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5. Conflicts may take place in any segment of the company’s performance at any stage of its lifecycle. In order to reduce conflicts, it is important to learn more about their sources. The most common source of a problem is an interpersonal conflict, which takes place when behaviors of two or more employees have an abusive character. It happens when personal relations interfere with the company’s performance and prevent it from successful achievement. Stress caused by family or other personal relations is not allowed in the workplace. However, it is one of the most common trigger points for a conflict between employees. An organizational conflict, in its turn, is another reason for conflicts, which may take place in the company’s performance. It may happen because of management/supervisor tension. Change is another source of conflicts. It provokes the employees’ resistance to new trends of the business environment because they are not able to adjust to new terms. Finally, such external factors as economic changes, domestic and international competition may become sources of conflict. In general, conflict is not a negative aspect in the company’s performance. It is an experience, which a company should have in order to avoid conflicts in the future and create a unique corporate spirit.

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6. ISO is one of the world’s most respectable quality awards, which approves of the company’s intention to produce high quality products. Obtaining several ISO qualifications means that the company follows the tendencies of changes in quality requirements (Kartha, 2001). It means that the company becomes appealing to the customers with its numerous rewards. The Baldrige Criteria, in their turn, become the key aspects of the company’s performance on its way to success. It is another respectable quality award, which praises total quality improvement. The following similarities are found in the essence of both standards. Quality policy, customer satisfaction, human resources, business processes, and business results are the focus of both quality awards. The main difference between these two specifications is that the Baldrige Criteria require excellent performance standards. ISO, in its turn, finds any performance criteria suitable for the implementation. The effect of ISO is broader as it may start the improvement of the company at any stage of its performance.

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