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Society of Human Resource Management

In today’s business world, employees working for a particular organizations form an integral part of these companies as personnel can influence the levels of success achieved. It is from the realization how valuable the workers are to firms that the human resource management (HRM) was established. One of the main duties of HRM is to help organizations come up with strategies intended to improve and maximize the performance of their employees. For the companies that operate on a global market, the human resource management functions change a little bit due to the complexity of the market and other key components and it is with this that the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) urges the HR managers to undertake a course on global strategic human resource management concepts. Being the senior consultant to a project for the Society of Human Resource Management puts me in a good position of reiterating that SHRM is the best place for education for people undertaking the learning program strategic HRM. This paper helps analyze why the Society for Human Resource Management advocates that HR managers should enroll for an education program that would lead to certification in global strategic HRM concepts.

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The Society for Human Resource Management is of the opinion that undertaking an educational program that would enable an individual to acquire a certificate in global strategic human resource management concepts has several advantages. One of these merits is that it would make a learner get to know the difference between domestic and global management factors. Having the understanding of these distinctions makes an individual fit the work on the domestic or global front (Information Resources Management Association, 2012). A person with such a certification has an added advantage over his or her competitors as he or she can get employed by a domestically or globally operating firm. Knowing the concepts of global human resource management is helpful when working for a company operating in the global market. From such an understanding of global HRM approaches, it is easy to conclude that the Society of Human Resource Management is best suited for offering the learning program.

An individual undertaking a learning program in the strategic global human resource management concepts acquires knowledge of the different management styles that are used by global and local organizations. With such expertise, the society thinks that a person can easily use the leadership style that suits the company that he or she might work for in future. In the case that such an individual gets employed by a global organization, he or she possesses the right knowledge to determine the leadership approach that best suits such a business. It is correct to suggest that such a person would choose a style that would give the company an edge over its competitors in the global market. The selected leadership style would enable the global firm to get the best possible performances out of its employees, as it is tailor-made for them. In the case that the same individual gets employed by a locally operating organization, he or she has the knowledge to use a leadership style that bests suits the local personnel (McCourt & Eldridge, 2003).

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There is the notion amongst the society’s officials that a person who acquires proficiency in the strategic global human resource management concepts is able to differentiate the various labor markets that are present in the world. Such an individual is well-prepared to work in any market as he or she knows the dynamics of all of them. With the diversity that is presented from the fact that a person knows the peculiarities of different labor markets across the world, he/she has a competitive advantage over his or her rivals, something that helps to raise his or her employment chances. Such an individual can work in almost any organization as he/she has the background knowledge of the diverse labor markets that exist nowadays (Mello, 2002). Possessing the expertise in the different labor markets by the human resource management team can be advantageous to the company as they can make it tap into the potential of some of these labor markets. For instance, it is easy to assume that such an HR manager can easily acquire the qualified workers found in various parts of the world due to the knowledge that he/she possesses regarding labor markets.

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The understanding of the different labor markets in the world helps a person identify some of the key trends and opportunities in them. It is correct to suggest that an individual with certification in global human resource management has a lot of information about various labor markets in the world and thus he or she is able to identify some of the key elements of these markets (Mello, 2002). For instance, such a person can note each element that has been successfully incorporated in the HR management. In addition, such an individual can be able to identify any gap in the HR management that is yet to be exploited by firms operating in a particular market. Studying in the Society of Human Resource Management gives learners a chance to be taught by lecturers who have an in-depth understanding of labor markets.

The comprehension of labor laws is an important requirement for a person working in the human resource management. Thanks to the undertaking of a learning program in strategic global HR management concepts, an individual is well-equipped with necessary information about labor legislation in both the local and global labor markets. The understanding of the labor laws on these levels gives a person an advantage as he or she can work in any organization irrespective of the market that it is operating on. It is imperative to note that the failure to be in line with the labor legislation might prove detrimental to a firm if its human resource management fails to get the laws right (Price, 2011). Workers rely on these legislations and any infringement on them either intentionally or not might create employee dissatisfaction. It can be dangerous to an organization as it might cause a decrease in its productivity. Having an understanding of labor laws governing firms in either global or local market makes a person suitable for employment opportunities in a company operating on any market.

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Employee compensation is one of the most crucial elements when dealing with human resources as it affects their productivity to a very large extent. It is with this that the HR department needs to be concerned when it comes to the determination of the compensation packages for its personnel. Undertaking a learning program in the strategic global human resource management concepts makes an individual acquire more knowledge regarding compensating workers. A person who has undertaken such a program is instilled with the expertise that would enable him or her to come up with the best compensation packages to the employees. In the case that such an individual gets employed by an organization operating in a global market, he or she has the knowledge to come up with compensation packages that suit the workers in this market (Mello, 2002). In the course of the global human resource management concept learning programs, learners are taught how to create compensation incentives that are in line with strategies adopted by companies in order to achieve their set goals. Knowledge of compensation aspect is helpful in ensuring that organizations offer employees enough motivation in order to get the best out of them.

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For the people who undertake a learning program in global human resource management concepts, it is easy to develop good and fair compensation packages for their workers, as it is one of the key lessons taught. In a global firm, one aspect that should be incorporated in the compensation package is the foreign services premium. The foreign workers are entitled to extra payment because of the fact they are working outside their native counties (Mello, 2002). It is also important that allowances must be included as a part of the compensation packages of employees. With such information, the human resource management team can be able to conjure good compensation packages that suit every worker in the organization.

Through the undertaking of a learning program in global strategic HR management concept in SHRM, an individual has an opportunity to acquire invaluable knowledge of the staffing policy (Mello, 2002). One of the major responsibilities that the human resource management has is finding the right people to hire as personnel. This process determines the success or failure of any organization. The significance of the employees makes it necessary for the HR management to get it right when it comes to the staffing policy. The latter is one of the things that people undertaking a course in global human resource management concept are taught; it helps the students to get important information on staffing. An individual who has taken this course has the right knowledge regarding the selection of employees. The three staffing policies that are taught to the people undertaking the course are the polycentric, geocentric and ethnocentric approaches. With the knowledge acquired about the three methods, a human resource manager can be able to easily conduct the recruiting process. The three approaches give an individual a chance to determine the technique that best suits an organization.

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For the global companies, one of the features that are associated with them is that they have the tendency of recruiting employees from different countries across the world. With this, the human resource management is tasked with the responsibility of hiring a foreigner who perfectly fits the work in the organization (Price, 2011). People who decide to undertake a learning program in global HR management concepts are taught about the issue of expatriate managers. Under this topic, students are taught about how the former operate and the manner in which organizations deal with them. It is important to note that the citizens from a particular country who work in another state are considered as expatriates. In the course of the program, students are given some of the patterns using which they can predict whether a foreign worker will be successful or not.

A person who has undertaken the training in strategic global human resource management concept in SHRM can easily identify an expatriate employee who is self-oriented. By being self-oriented, such worker has self-confidence and esteem that are necessary to propel him or her to achieving his or her full potential. The self-orientation dimension gives the learners knowledge to identify whether an expatriate or foreign employee has the mental capability to deal and adapt to a new environment. A human resource manager working for a local firm can be able to incorporate such expertise even when hiring the local personnel. It is easy for the HR specialists to identify an individual who exhibits signs of self-confidence in his or her abilities (Price, 2011). It is important to keep in mind that the employees who have belief and confidence in their abilities have an added advantage as they can confidently take initiatives that are helpful to the organization. The global corporations need to have personnel who are fully focused on their responsibilities and thus it is significant to make the correct decisions regarding workers.

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For the individuals who have undertaken a learning program in global human resource management at SHRM, it is easy to identify a person who is willing to work in a foreign country. The learning programs gives the learners a chance to learn about the peoples’ orientation. Under this section, students are taught of the numerous ways in which they can be able to identify an employee who is whole-heartedly willing to work in a foreign country (Information Resources Management Association, 2012). Some of the elements that a person looks out for is the willingness of that particular individual to learn the foreign language and her or his development in terms of creating relationships with the local people. For the global organizations, it is important that they get the selection process right because of numerous reasons. One of the causes that make it significant for the human resource management to get the recruitment process involving foreign employees is that the whole recruitment process is costly and takes time and thus not finding a suitable candidate would mean the wastage of both time and money in the recruitment process.

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A person who has undertaken a learning program in global human resource management concept at SHRM has valuable information about understanding and predicting the behavior of the natives of the people in which a global organization is operating. For the global corporations, hiring a foreigner might stir a negative reaction among the natives and thus it is imperative for the HR management to have the right balance when it comes to hiring foreigners. There are incidents where the local employees have resisted any foreign addition to an organization, something that has affected the production process of that particular company. To avoid such a thing, possessing perceptual ability is highly helpful to the HR management and thus the importance of undertaking the learning program of global human resource management concepts (Information Resources Management Association, 2012). The perceptual ability that the HR management team possesses is helpful in quickly identifying any unrest or dissatisfaction among the employees in order to stop it from aggravating into a big issue.

Cultural differences is one of the factors that affect the operations of a globally operating firm, something that makes the learning of global human resource management concept program more important. From the program, the learner is able to get information about how to deal with cultural toughness. Different countries have distinct cultures, a feature that is responsibility for creating the cultural toughness that global organizations face. However, a person who has undertaken the global human resource concept program has the necessary knowledge and expertise to deal with the cultural toughness that the global firms face. With such proficiency, the HR management has the possibility to deal or overcome the toughness. For instance, the can be able to develop good relationship between the culture and the organizations that they work for. It is imperative to note that any conflict between a company and the culture reflects negatively on the eyes of the consumers in terms of image (Information Resources Management Association, 2012). People are willing and ready to be associated with an organization that respects their cultural preferences as it shows its caring side.











Soon after recruiting the right people to work for a company, the other responsibility that the HR management possesses is training the personnel. Those who have undertaken a training program in global human resource management from the society are imparted with crucial knowledge regarding employee training. One valuable expertise that they are imparted is in cultural training. Globally operating firms deal with numerous cultures because of either the employees in place or the culture of their host countries. Knowledge pertaining cultural training is helpful as the human resource management team can be able to make the personnel understand about the culture of the country in which they are operating in or the cultures of their fellow workers. Cultural conflict has one of the reasons why disagreements among employees occur, something that helps disrupt the operations of the organization. With the correct information, the human resource management can effectively train the workers on the need of respecting other people’s culture. An organization that ensures that its employees hold the possible maximum respect to the culture of their customers gains a competitive edge over its rival firms as the customers can relate to it.

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Practice training is the other form of training that helps the HR management improve the results of the workers in an organization. Enrolling in a learning program about strategic global human resource management concept at the society gives a person the chance to learn more about practical training. With such knowledge, the HR manager can be able to share information with the employees about adjusting to the daily routine activities in their host country. Adjusting into the norms of the host country means that an organization together with its personnel does not conflict with its requirement. The practical training skills that a person gets from the learning program gives him or her develop strategies that would best help the employees adopt in the foreign country (McCourt & Eldridge, 2003). Such skills help the personnel settle perfectly into the organization, and thus the firm can get the best out of them. The success of a company is dependent on the results produced by its employees and thus such kind of training is one of the ways through which corporations try to improve workers’ output.

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The other core responsibility that the HR management team has is performance appraisal. Undertaking a learning program in strategic global human resource management concept at the Society equips a learner with invaluable information about performance appraisal. One performance appraisal concept that the learners are taught is on developing systems that suits both the local and foreign employees. It would create conflict should the human resource management use a similar system to conduct the performance appraisal on the workers. One of the key aspects about performance appraisal that the HR management should ensure the performance appraisal system has no bias (McCourt & Eldridge, 2003). Any biasness in the system may develop ill feelings among the employees, something that is detrimental to their motivation. Organizations should ensure that there is equality in matters related to the personnel as any diversion from that might negatively affect them in terms of performance.

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