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Trends in Managed Care Today

Nowadays, the sphere of the managed care is affected in various ways, including legislative, technological, and social factors. Therefore, permanently shifting trends can be referred to as both challenging and positive phenomenon, considering the fact that all modern innovations are immediately displayed in the managed care sphere. At the same time, among all the possible tendencies, there are some the most promising trends which are especially topical today and require thorough consideration. These trends are of current interest mainly due to their possibility to be positive and useful for general development of health care system.

With this respect, the trend of mobile health is one of the key elements of modern sphere of managed care (Myers, 2015). This is one of the latest tendencies defined by the workers in the sphere of the managed care, and it is related mainly to the rapid development of technologies in the sphere of managed healthcare. Mobile health enables people who are dealing successfully with modern technologies to access their personal information related to health issues. Moreover, such information would be provided to them at any time they need it by means of broadly used devices. In such a way, patients whose health and general condition requires special attention will have more possibilities to communicate with doctors, to understand their health issues, and to organize their lives accordingly (Myers, 2015).

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Nowadays, about 21% of people use special applications, online tools and other technological devices in order to find more information about their health; therefore, making this trend even more widespread will help the population to become healthier as well as will increase the general awareness of their health state and possible issues related to it. Technological industry is likely to respond to this tendency by introducing special solutions that would involve people in even more active analysis of their health with the use of proper device and ensuring that it will provide appropriate information (Burton, 2015). This is main essence of the above mentioned.

The next trend is closely connected to the previous one and lays in overall increase of the patients’ awareness in the sphere of health care in general, their own state of health in particular, and most significantly, the financial aspect of health care, that often appears to be rather mysterious for patients (Lorenzetti, 2015). It is necessary to take into account that current general transformation of the discussed sphere is related to the necessity of treating patient as full participant of the process.

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As it was already stated in the previous trend, technologies play a great role in it, but they constitute only one aspect of the issue. Reviews of the doctors that are conducted from different perspectives are nowadays becoming more available to the patients, who have no confidence in the aspect of their medical service (Kongstvedt, 2015). Next, payments related to the insurance, drug manufacturing, and device services are also becoming more available so that the customer will know exactly the costs of their treatment. Nowadays, only the initial stage of the trend takes place in the society; yet, it is really promising in a lot of aspects. For instance, there is a plan to launch the website of Open Payments providing the patients with financial information (Lorenzetti, 2015). Available medical data is a great progress in the whole sphere of healthcare, and despite numerous issues that need to be overcome, the tendency has its future perspectives. With this respect, the role of Internet and technologies is rather high, but, at the same time, it is necessary to transform the whole system of the healthcare to make sure that the customer will receive appropriate information about financial aspect of his healthcare.

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Another interesting and promising trend in the sphere of the healthcare is the changes in leading direction of insurance (Columbia Threadneedle Investments (CTI), 2015). Previously, it was fully oriented on the employers which determined certain related financial model. However, in the recent time the direction has changed on the consumers. In such a way, people, who want to receive proper medical insurance, have a chance to make the most appropriate decision (Patrik, 2015). The second mentioned trend is one of the factors promoting the development of the customers-directed insurance service (CTI, 2015). One of the aspects of such changing is access to the information related to the quality of medical care in certain hospital, for instance. On the other side, there is a new model formed to research the care needed and received by the patients. In such a way, the majority of the costs are becoming mainly oriented on the issue of improving the general quality of the service provided to the customers.

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In general, considering three above mentioned trends that include mobile health, increasing of patients’ awareness, and changing the insurance model into the patient-oriented one, it is possible to infer that managed care system nowadays is changing in a rather positive way. If these tendencies are properly supported in terms finances, they will be able to provide the customers of medical sphere with high quality service and ensure that they receive proper medical care.

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