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Conflict Identification and Resolution


Most organizations have been going through significant periods of downsizing, re-engineering, and change over the last two decades. As a result, individuals find that their ability to retain their jobs is continually threatened. If individuals in an organization feel the threat, the environment becomes conducive to conflicts.

Describe a Conflict within an Organization or Team with Which You Are Familiar

In Greenfields Logistics Ltd., I witnessed a workplace conflict between my co-workers Anna and Carol, with whom I have been working for three years and five months. Anna was a secretary of the managing director, and had been working for Greenfields Logistics for only three years and five months, while Carol was an operational manager working with Greenfields Logistics for ten years. This year, our executive director, James, visited Greenfields Logistics Ltd. and chaired a meeting with employees. After the meeting, James informed Anna that she would be promoted to the position of senior support manager. As such, she would be in charge of all employees at Greenfields Logistics. James informed all staff members about the change in organizational leadership through email. Having received the news about management change, Carol felt threatened right away. Her working relationship with Anna deteriorated. She started acting coldly towards her, showing obvious signs of displeasure with Anna’s new position. Carol began bad mouthing Anna, and we noted her negative behavior. According to her, she deserved the position of senior support manager having worked for Greenfields logistics for the past ten years. Carol would verbally abuse Anna, and as much as Anna tried to reason her. The matter was not settled amicably.

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Identify and Describe the Source(s) and Level of the Conflict and Support with Evidence

There are various sources of conflicts in an organization including low tolerance to change, different assessment, misunderstanding, lack of trust, and parochial self-interest. The proposed change at Greenfields Logistics Ltd. brought discomfort and uncertainty to Carol.

Carol reacted in such a manner towards Anna due to the fear of losing things that she value. Carol feared losing freedom and prestige associated with her job. This fearful employee only had her own parochial interests at heart and not the interests of the organization and its members.

Misunderstandings and lack of trust are the other reasons that cause conflicts in an organization. There was lack of trust between Carol and James, who initiated the change. Carol had served the company as an operational manager for the past ten years. However, she wondered why Anna was promoted after working in the organization for three years and five months only. Carol felt that she was not consulted and that change was urgently effected.

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Moreover, Carol reacted in such a manner towards Anna due to the negative assessment of change. She viewed change along with its intentions and consequences differently.

Describe the Steps Taken to Resolve the Conflict or, If It Is an Ongoing Conflict, Propose Steps to Resolve the Conflict

Sometimes, interpersonal differences prevent employees from functioning well together. The conflict in Greenfields Logistics Ltd. is an ongoing and thus, the following are the main steps that can be used to resolve it. First, both parties should be willing to take part in the process. During the negotiation, Anna should ensure that Carol is willing to commit herself to good faith bargaining in order to reach a solution. Interdependence is the second condition for the negotiation process. While negotiating, Anna should tell Carol about the importance of mutual assistance. The two parties should restrain from negative action for their concerns to be met. In addition, both parties should be ready to participate in the negotiation process. Dialogue cannot commence if participants are not psychologically prepared (Doherty & Guyler, 2008). Thus, Anna should approach Carol when she is prepared to talk. Furthermore, the outcome should be unpredictable in nature. Both Anna and Carol need something from one another. The two should not avoid the risk of losing during the negotiation. Thus, each person has a 50/50 chance of winning. The probability of a decisive as well as one-sided win should be unpredictable for Anna and Carol to start their negotiations. Moreover, the two parties must be willing to compromise. In some instances, not all outcomes meet all the parties’ interests. Thus, both parties must have compromise, i.e. willingness to sacrifice their interests.  

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Describe a Minimum of Three Conflict Outcomes that Could Reasonably Occur as a Result of the Conflict Resolution. Support Your Reasoning for Each Possible Outcome

The following are the three outcomes that could reasonably occur as a result of the conflict resolution, First, both parties may reach an agreement to resolve their conflict. For instance, the team can vote, and the person who gets the majority of the votes deserves to be promoted. Additionally, the conflict between the employees may be partly fixed. It may occur when the voting results are not clear. Lastly, conflict may be resolved but then, occur again. It may happen when the new leader fails to perform his/her roles in a responsible manner. Thus, this will call for a replacement, and conflict will arise again.

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