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On the Money

This paper will provide the summary of the show of Becky Quick known as “On the Money”, which was aired on 18 October 2015.  

Working Hours and Productivity

There is a certain misconception that those people, who stay long hours in the office, tend to be better workers, but in fact, productivity has nothing to do with late hours. The USA official working week is 40 hours long, while Denmark that has 33-hour working week is doing as good as America in terms of economic condition. According to the comments of Becky Quick, around 77% of Americans either have not been on vacation either for more than half a year, or at all for much longer than that. She invited CEO of United Shore Financial Services Matt Espier and Professor of Management in the Wharton School Peter Capelli to discuss the productivity and long hours. Mr. Espeir has indicated that his company is promoting life work balance and encourages their employees to leave the premises after 6pm, as he believes that it actually improves productivity. Mr. Capelli has indicated that if people work to much they are ‘worn out; and their productivity actually decreases, while performance and success has nothing to do with those people, who cannot manage their time properly.   

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Women in Business

The second discussion point was related to the fact that women can become as successful in business as men can, if even not better. Quick has invited Julia Pimsleur, who is the owner of the Little Pim Company and the author of a “Million Dollar Woman” book. Pimsleur has started her business 7 years ago and now her company has become in the list of high revenue ones. She has indicated three areas that are critical for women to be successful in business: right mindset; the skill set; and the network. The Little Pim is the company that is providing educational services for children. Julia Pimsleur has told that one of the hardest parts was related to overseas expansion, but she eventually has managed to find the proper strategic allies.

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Gratitude to Disabled Veterans

The third discussion was related to the topic of war veterans, which have put their lives and physical health in order to serve for the US. The guest in the program was Rick Burns, who is the director and writer of the movie titled “Dead of Honor”, which should be released soon. The major issue is that sometimes, disabled veterans, who live among us every day, are not fully recognized, while they have done much for the country and society owns them. It seems that people have short memories as only 1% of Americans tend to be involved in military activities and the rest 99% act like they have nothing to do with the previously mentioned persons. Disabled veterans should be recognized, as they are the ones who have helped to make America what it is now.

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Future and Social Security

The last guest was Sharon Epperson, who is the Senior Personal Finance Correspondent and the topic of discussion concerned the social security cost increase in the upcoming year. The problem is that official inflation rates are low, while the cost of living as well as expenses related to social security are to grown significantly in 2016. Next year many people would face difficulties paying their bills, while retired population would struggle the most, as the cost for medical coverage would rise as well. More than 60% of overall population rely on the retirement money and this is a huge amount. The best advice Senior Personal Finance Correspondent gives is to start saving now as much as possible.

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