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Intervention Selection and Design


Marketing is vital to the success of any business. The advancement in technology has changed the normal operations of marketing. Information communication technology and especially the internet, has enabled businesses to compete on a global platform. Marketing is paramount when it comes to global markets. International internet marketing has catapulted local businesses to international level. This is through providing products and services information to the target market through the use of the internet as the channel of message conveyance.  This paper looks at the intervention types needed to make International marketing effective with relation to Business-to-Business International Internet Marketing Effective: A Study of Critical Factors Using a Case-Study Approach (Making Business-to-Business International Internet MarketingEffective: A Study of Critical Factors Using a Case-Study Approach, 2006).

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Intervention tools for International marketing

Marketing tools

Marketing strategic factors are critical success factors when it comes to international business marketing. This should start by setting up the strategic goal.  This revolves around what the business wants to achieve from international marketing.  They usually revolve around strategic matters that are of importance to the business.  Goals should follow the SMART guide lines. They should be specific, measurable, accountable, reliable and time conscious (Lugard, 2008).   The support of the top management in the business is also critical. The three companies featured in this case are in unanimous agreement that top management is critical when it comes to successful marketing. The top management is in full control of financial resources and is the key decision making organ of any business (Ash & Lambert, 2001).

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The integration of internet marketing with the marketing strategy is also very important. This is marketing of products and services using the internet as a media. It is cost effective and efficient at the same time (Mckenzie, 2009). Collaboration with other international businesses is also an important aspect when doing international business marketing to enhance your product and service acceptance in the international arena.  Deciding on the potential audience is also important. It is referred to as the target market whereby your product is set to sell most.

Internal factors

Internal factors are the tools that affect international marketing that are found in the organization. Analyzing the internal factors should start by the SWOT analysis. This is looking at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organization in relation to international business marketing.  This should be backed up by a clear analysis of the technology in place in the business, the internal business culture of the organization, training programs, resources required for a global market amongst others.  These are some of the factors a business should assess to determine its competitiveness in the global arena (Internal and External Analysis, 2012).

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Market Factors

Market factors to consider when doing business and marketing at the international level are many. For example one needs to know how their products and services are going to reach the consumers in all the corners of the world.  Customer acceptance is another factor to consider. The customer should be persuaded well enough on the importance of using the product or service.  The security and privacy are also vital. The consumer needs to know that their purchases will be delivered confidentially. It is important to analyze in depth the foreign markets. This is to grasp the market and legal requirements of the other land.  Other factors that are important are the right pricing, the location, the consumers amongst other necessary factors (Moses Muthee, 2009).  

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Website factors

When looking at international marketing, the website cannot be overlooked.  This acts as the link between the business and the consumers in the international arena. Web pages should be user friendly with simple interfaces that are easy to use. The language used should be clear and concise.  This websites should cater for users from different countries in terms of Multilanguage capacity.  The information contained in this websites should not be misleading. It should be accurate in order to boost consumer confidence in the products and services sold (Wilson, 2009).

Intervention and selection design

The intervention type necessary for making international marketing effective is the website tool. As much it may sound like something small, it is capable of taking international marketing by storm to any business.  The design of an easy to use website with clear and concise is paramount. In this day, business transaction on an international level are made possible by the use of websites.  Information on the website should be regularly updated to contain up-to-date information.  On top of this, the information should be accurate to avoid misleading the public.

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Websites are a cheaper way of marketing compared to other marketing tools. Websites offers the customers an array of options including placing orders for goods and services online, a method of tracking invoice, online payments.  They can be accessed from anywhere as long as the other party has internet connectivity. This includes access by internet enabled phones, personal computers, tablets, laptops amongst other devices.  Information found on business websites is the most current as no cost is incurred when updating the information.


International business marketing is paramount when targeting the global market. Realization of this fact is critical for the success of the marketing and the business at large.  The business should take into account all its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat. This is analyzing itself so as to achieve efficiency all round. Setting achievable goals is also another important factor when it comes to international business marketing. This should be time conscious, measurable, achievable and specific. Ambiguity should be avoided (Making Business-to-Business International Internet MarketingEffective: A Study of Critical Factors Using a Case-Study Approach, 2006).

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