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US Car Manufacturers in EU Market

In not so recent pas, doing business in Europe was always a pleasant feeling for american manufacturers. The story goes well all the way to the 90s when US cars were in great demand for more than one reasons. But the situation began to fall apart so rapidly because of the creation of EU zone and came with it the new rules and regulations for manufacturers to follow. Although this was a welcome change for many, but not so exciting fro other and american car manufacturers were in the “other” category.

Slow Economy

Since the 2008 economic debacle, US automobile industry has seen the most drastic slump since the great depression. Thousands of job cuts along with high profile companies claiming bankruptcy was not a healthy situation by any means. This hampered the reputation and business value of US vehicles in Europe. To such an extent that at one time, major automobile manufacturers like Ford, GM were thinking of leaving the market for good.

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GM in particular has a tormenting time not only in Europe but even worse back in United States till the government stepped in to bail the giant out of cash slump.

Expensive to maintain and less fuel efficient

US cars have had a reputation of being fuel hungry and gas guzzling motors which is not an acceptable proposition in Europe anymore. Despite major optimization done in modern designs by Chevorlet and GM, this reputation will take some more time to settle things down.

Global competition and innovation

With the likes of BMW and Mercedez, along with Volks Vagen and Jaguar, things have gone even stiffer with the introduction of green vehicle concept along with sophisticated technologies that have never been seen previously in automobiles. US cars have a habit of being big and powerful thus les fuel efficient and less on innovation, while European cars have long switched their priority towards technological advanced models. Whats even more to that is the fact that these advanced, hybrid vehicles come at an affordable price.

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 21st century is a global market place where you get as much as you invest and willing to embrace a change. Look at global automobile companies and how amazingly they have shifted their policiies according to regional requirements. Japan and Korea are biggest examples of technology innovation and cost reduction. They have invested in their market share by investing in various parts of the world regardless of what policies that country follows. Politics is no longer a hurdle in business and Free Trade is the order of the day.


The current EU automobile market is a busy, crowded place to work. Crowd has some of the best manufacturers who offer remarkable technology coupled with affordability and fuel efficieny at a nominal price. US manufacturers have to put every step with caution because a single short coming might cost them dearly and competition is eyeing just that. New models are compact, reasonably priced and particularly well equipped with what is needed to remain competitive. Ford. GM, Chevvy or any other manufacturer seem to have the right idea and if they remain focussed on this tradition, they will get their due share for sure.

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